Search Engine Optimisation as Standard!

When you first consider getting a website for your business, one of the main criteria you should look for is Effective Search Engine Optimisation. There are plenty of Website Hosting Companies offering free websites, with website builders, which must seem very tempting, even cost effective but are they????? The simple answer is NO. Most hide lots of extra costs for services and functions which really need to be included with your website as standard, especially if it’s a business website which needs to attract new customers and be accessible by existing customers online. Search Engine Optimisation is one of the services and is pretty much the most important as without it, your website is invisible to searches. It’s a bit like buying a car and then having to pay extra for the wheels??! 

Search Engine Optimisation can be extremely complicated and very daunting, even to people who are comfortable using computers and working online with the internet. The other issue is that most people just don’t have the time or expertise to apply effective optimisation, which will leave them feeling confident that their online business is as visible as possible to the search engines. Fortunately, Reason8 website builders don’t have to worry too much about effective Search Engine Optimisation as it’s built into all business website packages as standard. 

Reason8 deals with all the hard work required to optimise your website. All you have to do is place your information using relevant and descriptive text and images on your page. Meanwhile your website will start work. By using the information you’ve placed, it will pick out and highlight the specific information (called Keywords), which the search engines need to be able to see you and show you to the people surfing the net.
The whole structure of your Reason8 Website has in fact been built with Search Engines in mind. The processes, elements and features are too many to name but here are a few of the basic areas of optimisation: 

Some of the main visibility areas of your website include: the foundation and background of your website, your web pages, page menu buttons, page content - Images and Text and your Website Header. 

Many other hosting companies also say they include Search Engine Optimisation but this can frequently entail simply submitting your domain to a group of search engines ONCE! This isn’t worth very much at all; you can actually do this yourself for free very easily. What your business needs is ONGOING OPTIMISATION. Reason8 repeatedly promotes your Domain, in fact, they do it EVERY 2 WEEKS for the life of your site! This is of course in addition to the permanent visibility of your web pages due to the way your site has been designed. 

Another major booster to traffic and search engine positioning are Inbound Links and from the very first day, your website comes with 3 inbound links to get you started, all provided by Reason8 and its partners. 

When you look at all this, it’s no wonder that we receive such positive feedback from our customers about the excellent positions they are achieving and the traffic and business their websites are producing. And don’t forget we haven’t even come close to mentioning every part of the optimisation processes included as standard on a Reason8 website. 

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