Security Warning - Phishing Emails

Spam and Phishing emails are a major problem for web users worldwide and the offensive criminals who create and develop these vindictive emails continue to develop new ploys to gain information that they have no right to. Reason8 work hard to provide as much protection against such spam and phishing emails as possible. You should have received a security warning from us recently. Please do take the time to read and take note of the information in the warning to help block these pests from succeeding.  A number of customers have asked about these devious emails, which aim to fool you into giving them the login details for your website and your personal email. DO NOT fall for their tricks - Never give your login details to anyone! We will NEVER ask you for your reason8 website builder or personal email login details and you should never disclose them to anyone. If you receive a suspicious email pretending to be from Reason8 requesting your details, please else ignore it and if possible, let us know so that we can warn others.

The Most recent warning for your reference:

Two new spam emails are currently circulating pretending to be from us here at Reason8. We wanted to inform you of the danger they present and remind you NOT to CLICK the links they contain or open any 'zipped' attachments.

The first email reads something like:

Dear user of the mailing service!
We are informing you that because of the security upgrade of the mailing service your mailbox settings were changed. In order to apply the new set of settings open zip attached file.
Best regards, Technical Support."


The second email reads something like:

" Hello!
Your profile will be locked in response to a complaint received by the Administration 29.01.2010 c. According to "paragraph 8 of the user agreement, reserves the right to suspend or terminate the provision of services, promptly notifying the user.
Refute the statement may be, following this link: *****
If the application is not rejected within 7 days, your e-mail an account will be blocked.
It has a number 769532115241619.
In the near future we will contact you.
It takes up to 3 days to process your request.
Thank you!"

Do NOT Click any link or open any attachments. They are spam sites and may contain a virus.

To remind you - our policy is that:
We will NEVER ask you for your reason8 login details and you should never disclose them to anyone.
We will NEVER ask you for your personal email login details and you should never disclose them to anyone.
If you receive an email pretending to be from Reason8 or anyone else ignore it.
If you are asked for your security settings or are directed to a webpage that looks like Reason8 or Outlook with a form you can fill in DO NOT enter your details.
As you know, your website remains totally secure as long as you do not give your login details to a third party and do not give access to your mailbox to anyone. 

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