S.E.O Your Images

A website that’s been built with search engines in mind is far more likely to achieve a better position than one, which is just designed to look nice. Having a website, which does both however, will of course put you several steps ahead of your competition. The great thing is that all Reason8 websites are built in such a way that every possible area of your site is highly visible to the Search Engines. This means that while you use your website builder to make sure your site looks great and provides all the right information, Reason8 concentrates on the visibility and optimization side of things. What a Team!!

Images and pictures on your web pages offer several benefits. Firstly, they do say that a picture is equal to a 1000 words and it certainly can be if it’s highly relevant to what you do. Always choose images of the best quality and those, which describe your company and its products and services perfectly. 

Images make your pages easier to read…

Secondly, images make your pages look better and help to create a page which is actually easier to read. Have you ever seen a webpage, which is purely text? Hard to read isn’t it… It’s also not that pleasant to look at so chances are you won’t give it the time needed to take in the information. Images can help break up a page, balance a page and help to focus the eye on the various sections of text. A far more pleasant experience for the viewer, it also encourages them to read right through your information. Additionally if viewers haven’t got very much time, a good relevant image can tell them what they need to know on its own in a matter of seconds.

Thirdly, did you know that every image you place on your webpages plays a very important role as far as search engine optimisation is concerned? Each and every image is “TAGGED” with your Top Keyword Phrase and produces a highly visible stage for your keywords making it very easy for the search engines to pick up your keywords and then match them to the keywords being typed in by internet users as they search online. You can even alter the keyword tag on any image you place should you wish to target a certain audience or draw attention to certain products or services. 

Let’s look at how to do this… 

Log in to your control panel and click to edit your chosen page. Place your cursor on the page where you want your image to sit and click the “Insert Image” icon on your editor icon bar.
Choose to either “Browse” for a new image or “View Library” for one of your existing images or one of the images in our Library. Did you know there are over 20,000 images in there, which you are free to use wherever you like on your web pages – but remember, choose relevant images, don’t just pick one because it’s pretty!!
Once you’ve chosen your image, click to select and it will open in the Insert image window. In this window, above the image you will see a yellow window bar with “Google Description” above it in red. Your website system will automatically place your top key phrase in here but you alter the text in this window if you need to. Select the positioning, size, border and space options for your image then click “Add to Website”. 

Save your page, then hover your mouse over the new image and you will see the new alt tag pop up. Make sure those same keywords are on your page and are also within the Google Metatags section, which you can find by clicking the Google Icon next to the Edit icon in Step 3 next to each relevant page. To see how to use this section, Click here to view the Blog.


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