Pointing your domain at your new website.

Congratulations, you’ve made the very clever move to build your website with Reason8 using their award winning website builder and editing system. One of the first things you’ll need to do is decide whether to purchase a new domain (website address) or use an existing one, which you’ll have previously bought from one of the many domain registrars.

What’s a Domain Name Registrar? 

A domain registrar is an accredited organization or company, which sells and assigns Domain Names. If you bought your domain through one of the many domain registrars rather than Reason8 you will need to arrange for your domain to be pointed at your new website when you are ready for your website pages appear under your domain.

It’s best to do this as soon as possible after purchasing your website as the sooner Reason8 can take your domain under its wing, the sooner their optimisation processes can begin and the sooner you can start moving up in the search engine search lists. Also, most business website packages from Reason8 include 1 or more email addresses, which are associated to your domain, so you’ll want to start using your new professional email address straight away.

How do I point my Domain at my new Website?

If you’ve bought a domain from a registrar, you’ll very likely have been given a Customer Login, username and password. This will grant you access to a control panel attached to your domain. If you’ve bought a straight forward domain you’ll need to change what are called the “name servers” for your domain. Nameservers make up part of the location address for your domain and at the moment may be something like “ns.123reg.co.uk” and ns1.123reg.co.uk. You’re domain needs to point to your new website, so that when someone types in your domain or finds it in a search - it produces your website pages,rather than your registrars home page!
To do this, you’ll need to log into your domain control panel and follow the menu options to find the “Domain Management” section. Some registrar control panels make it very simple by including a clear option called “change name servers”, while others can be a little more confusing by calling these sections - dns management or dns control. Once you’ve found the page where you can change your name servers, simply replace the current ones with the new Reason8 nameservers, which are: primary nameserver: ns.reason8.com and secondary nameserver: ns1.reason8.com and then click to “Update” or “Save Changes”.
It can take anything from 1 hour to 48 hours to the changes to take effect, depending on your registrar.

What if I have Email attached to my Domain?

If you have an existing domain, which includes existing email addresses and don’t wish to disturb your email addresses. It is possible to point just the website part of your domain at your new website. This can be a little more confusing and it might be easier to ask the customer service department from your registrar to do these changes for you. Rather than changing the name servers, which moves the whole domain (website and email), what they (or you) need to do is to “add an A record pointing to Reason8’s IP address, which is”
If you want to do this yourself, please only do so if you know what you’re doing, as any errors here could result in the interruption and disruption of both your domain and emails. Also, not all registrar control panels allow this level of access, so you may need to check first. If you are comfortable doing it yourself and have the necessary access, log into your domain control panel and you will usually find the required page under DNS Management. You should see an area where you can select the option to add an “A” record and a separate window to enter the IP address.  Update or save once changed.


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