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The top priority for most business owners is a website, which will bring in more customers! The best way that you can achieve this is to get the best possible position on the search engines. There are hundreds of suggestions and tricks floating around on how to cheat the search engine system but such cheats should be given a wide berth. Search engines don’t like being cheated and will actually mark down website builders who attempt this. You need to play fair and rather than trying to trick the search engines, you should be thinking about how you could help them in making your website pages as visible as possible.

Reason8 websites have a framework built specifically for search engines and work hard to make it as simple as possible for search engines to pick up and match your keywords to the searches being done by potential customers. 

How do I get to the top of the search lists?? 

It has to be THE most common question asked by website owners and website builders around the world. There are several ways to achieve great positions on the search lists. One way is to pay for it, by using an optimisation company or paying for Pay Per Click. Do beware though, as these top seats can be very expensive and extremely frustrating as they have quite often been found only 1 or 2 spaces above the far more reasonably priced Reason8 seats!! It’s a little like slashing out on a really special outfit, only to find the exact same outfit in the next shop at a fraction of the price. OUCH!

At any one time, Reason8 is carrying out a whole assembly of optimisation processes, many of which you won’t even see or be aware of. There are however certain things you can do to give your website a helping hand. One of these is adding external hyperlinks  back to your home page within your content, which is a bit like putting a High Viz jacket on your website. 

External Hyperlinks are extremely visible to Search Engines and any keywords which are used to create a hyperlink become incredibly visible too! 

Create a line of text, which includes all your main keywords. It must read properly. Search engines prefer well written English sentences, so don’t just create a group of keywords stuck together.
Include this line within the text of your main content on your home page and then highlight it. Once highlighted, click the Yellow “Insert / Edit Link” icon > choose “Webpage” > “External Webpage” and enter your full domain or website address in the window provided. In the “open in a new window” option, choose “No”. 

That’s it! Now save your page and test your link. Copy your line of text from the live page (by copying from the live page you will be copying the link address / destination at the same time) and paste this line into your other primary pages. 

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