Quick and Easy Seasonal Marketing

build a websiteWith thousands more people online than normal coming up to Christmas and into the New Year, it’s a great opportunity for website builders to do a bit of promotion. Why not take advantage of this eager and quite frankly – “frantically driven” audience while you can – everyone else seems to at this time of year! generate. It’s the perfect time to generate a bit of word of mouth promotion and is also a time to make sure that when this new burst of internet users find you online that they don’t forget you and better still - keep you handy!!

Word of Mouth

By making it really simple for your seasonal viewers to tell their friends about you, you could be boosting your audience tenfold. Word of mouth is one of the oldest but most effective  forms of advertising around. If a friend, someone you know and trust tells you about a great website that is worth checking out, you’re far more likely to have a look than if a complete stranger pointed it out to you! It’s even more likely if you can do it with a simple click of a mouse.

“Tell a Friend” links are really simply to set up with your Reason8 link editor!

On your home page and main introduction / product pages - add a short line such as “Tell a Friend” or “Recommend this website to a friend”. Make sure your link text is in a good visible position. Highlight the text and click the yellow “Insert Link” icon > choose Email and in the 3 fields enter the following:

build a website1) E-Mail Address – (Please enter your friends email address here…)
2) Message Subject – “Have a look at this great website!” 
3) Message Body – Hi, I found a great website, which I though you might be interested in. The address is: http://www.yourwebsiteaddress.com/co.uk. Let me know what you think.

(Please replace this text with your name. Thank you very much for the recommendation!)

The majority of the email has already been filled in by you, so all your website visitor needs to do is add their friend’s email address at the top, type their name in at the bottom and click “Send”. Simple! It’s also very simple for the recipients to forward the same email to their friends too, so really showing the power of “Word of Mouth”. It’s also spam safe marketing, as these are simply friends emailing friends!

Come back soon!

build a websiteMake it simple for visitors to remember your site and come back to it by adding a simple “Add to Favourites” link on your home and primary pages. To do this, imply add the following code to your home page:

<span style="cursor: hand; text-decoration: underline;" onclick="window.external.AddFavorite(location.href, document.title);">
Click here to add this page to your favorites</span>

To add code, open your page in your editor and in the place where you want the link to appear, type the following ***************favourite link************. You can add as many stars (shift 8) as you like either side, they are there simply to make it easier for you to find again.
Now click the show html button, bottom right on your editor icon bar. This will open the html version of your page. Don’t panic, it does look like a scary amount of gobbled gook but if you follow this guide you’ll be fine!
Search through the code until you find <p>***************favourite link************</p>, the stars should make it easier to spot. Highlight the “***************favourite link************” bit and paste the link code in its place, making sure it sits exactly between the <p> and </p>. That’s it, now save your page and test the link.

build a website

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