Christmas Shopping Online

build a websiteLook at the current online market, it’s all very positive for website builders with online shops. We’ve also been warned that it’s set to be a long hard winter and so many more people will be doing their last minute Christmas Shopping online this year rather than braving the snow and ice covered high streets. So now is the time to give your shopping basket a good check over to make sure it’s all working smoothly. Your Shopping Basket needs to run smoothly and provide your customers with lots of enticing information and all the options available to encourage them to click “Add to Basket”!

Your Reason8 Shopping Basket Wizard offers a host of options and functions to help you create a simple and enjoyable shopping experience for all your customers. It also make it simple for you to check that everything is working as it should be.

Christmas Shopping Check List

Probably the best place to start is the “Test your website” button within your control panel. Run through a good selection of your shopping basket items from each group you have created and make sure that all the information is up to date and that all the available options are in place. If you spot one which needs tweaking, click Step 4 (Groups and Items), then click the “Settings” button (under “New Item” button), the click “Item Settings”.

Here you have a list of all your items, which you can sort into a choice of orders to help you find the item which needs changing. You can sort your items by: Name, Price, Code or Group, whichever makes it easiest for you to find the ones you need.

build a website

Once you’ve found the one you need click the “Change” button (second to last column on the right). Here you have a shortcut to change the options such as size and colour for your item; the option to cross sell your item with other similar or related items; Bulk Discount settings, should you wish to offer discount to customers when they buy in bulk from ou and finally, the Shipping Units / weight value / which you may or may not have setup when you added your items initially. This option allows you to add units to each item to allow you to set up more complex shipping options. Use these shortcuts to make any changes required to your items. 

Link to a larger image.

When potential customers are looking to buy, they always like to have a good look at the products. It’s no different to how they’d behave in a shop in the high street. People like to see what they’re buying and so one of the most important functions your shopping basket can offer is the opportunity to view a larger image of your items.

Upload larger images into your library via the “Upload Manage Files” button down the left hand column in your main control panel window. Again, make sure the image is a good one as this alone could be the final push to purchase. To Link to a larger image, type a line such as “Click for larger image” into your item description (in Step 4). Highlight this line then click the yellow Insert Link icon (exactly the same as you would normally find in your page editor icon bar) click, file > image > choose the correct image from the menu shown. When you see the Auto-Resize the Window box, Click YES to make your larger image open in the new perfectly sized lightbox format.

Once you click NEXT, you’ll be shown a preview of your new item, which is a perfect opportunity for you to make sure everything is working as it should be to effectively sell your product.

Merry Christmas!

build a website 

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