More Font Choices for your Website Header

build a websiteA new and exciting collection of fonts has recently been added to Reason8’s Template Builder! The best thing about using a website builder system which is under constant improvement and development is that you will always have a great choice of up to the minute styles, effects and features at your fingertips! Reason8 tirelessly makes sure that the new Template Builder is one of the best design systems available online! And for you - the designer, it means that your toolbox is constantly being improved and added to. If you could wrap it up and put it under your tree, it really would be one of the best Christmas presents ever.

One of the main parts of your header design is of course the text. This vital information includes your company name, slogan and perhaps contact information. Choosing the right font or typeface to suit the style and type of your business can make all the difference.
We’ve created a whole series of tutorials to help you get the very best out of your template designer. Click here to view all the tutorials so far.

build a websitebuild a websiteFonts create an impression and feel all on their own. There are humorous and fun fonts, serious and professional fonts, spooky fonts, era and themed fonts, traditional, modern, script, straight, round, square the list goes on and on. You need to choose a font which perfectly matches or represents your type of business. For instance you wouldn’t choose a childish bubbly font to promote a serious or professional business or services. Similarly, a square professional style font wouldn’t really do the job for a website promoting party supplies.

build a websitebuild a websiteTo help you make this all important choice, Reason8 are constantly adding new fonts for you to choose from but each one has been carefully picked to provide a great choice without being overwhelming or confusing!

Choosing your Font.

Login to your website, click step 2 Style and click the header to open the editor. Click the Text tab at the top of the designer or simply double click on any existing text within the editor to start editing.  There is one box to enter and edit your text - “ Enter Text Here” at the very top of your text control window, and another box below from which you drag and drop to place your text – “DRAG this text”.

If you need different lines of text, which may need to be highlighted in different ways, it’s easier to create one line of text at a time. Create your first line of text and drag it into position. This way you can now see how the fonts and settings you choose work in your header as you go.
When choosing a font, consider which one best portrays your type of business, products and services and also consider which font will most effectively attract YOUR specific audience. Once you’ve chosen your preferred font, you can set the style using the sliders, tick boxes and colour spectrums within your text editor. You’ll see the changes you make immediately so if you don’t like what you’ve created, just try another setting.

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