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Norton Internet Security remain in the top list of best selling internet security, which means a high percentage of your potential customers use Norton Internet Security to ensure that their internet journeys remain safe. If you are a Website builder, Norton Safe Web can work with you to ensure a safe and smooth ride through your website. It also means that you can get that all important Green Tick of assurance to appear alongside your listing in search engine’s search results. If your competitors in the search lists are still marked with a grey question mark, it’ll be your safe website they choose to come into.

Get rated with Norton Safe Web

To submit your site for rating, you first need to create a Norton Safe Web account and verify the ownership of your site. Go to and enter your website address in the “Is this site safe” window. In the next window, click the small “Site Owner?” link on the left underneath the Norton Rating mark.

1. Signup for an account with Norton Safe Web if you haven't already done so.

2. On the "site dispute" tab of your profile page, click the "Add site" link and enter your Web site address.

3. You will receive an email when you have successfully registered your Web site. Follow the email instructions. You will be offered two methods of verification for your site – select – Meta tag.

build a websiteYou'll be provided with an authentication code string, which must be pasted into the keywords section of your Home Page Meta-tags. To access this area, Login to your website, go to Step 3 and click the Google icon button next to your home page. Paste the authentication code into the keywords window. Be careful when copying or pasting the code, ensuring that no extra characters are inserted, including spaces or formatting characters. Your editor may enter special formatting information, so be sure to view your source and check the data after the copy/insert to make sure that it still exactly matches the original information. Also be sure that no spaces are entered before, after, or in-between the beginning and ending quotes for the content information.

4. Once you have completed the site verification steps, click "Verify Now" (next to your Web site name) to establish ownership.

You need to have your site ownership verified in order to submit your site to be rated. If a website is untested by Norton Safe Web, a gray icon appears on the site report page.

To submit your site for rating:
1. Sign in to your Norton Safe Web account.
build a website2. On the Site Dispute page, click "Rate my site" next to the site name. Note that the initial evaluation process takes about two weeks to complete. There is also a help section if you have any problems – simply submit the simple form and Norton will help to get your site verified and rated.

Keep an eye on that mark as you’re looking for a green tick!

build a website 

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