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build a websiteMicrosoft launched a sneak preview Beta version of the long awaited Internet Explorer 9 in mid September and it’s now available for download! “Play in a more beautiful web” are the promises but what’s it really like? Website Builders have been asking several questions.....Should I download it? Will it cause problems with existing software?

Well, before you go and download the beta Version, it’s worth thinking about the pros and cons of downloading software, which is still in development. Beta means that the software is still being tested and feedback from users helps to create the perfect final product. While you’ll get to try out all the new features, you may also experience a few more errors than you would with your current version.

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You should consider downloading IE9 Beta if you: like to use the latest technology and software: you are confident when troubleshooting problems with your computer: and you are used to updating software regularly.

One of Internet Explorer 9’s aims was to beat the likes of Google Chrome in the browser speed races and so far it’s looking positively challenging. Its look and functionality are impressive. It’s faster and more responsive. The picture quality makes websites look far better. Simpler navigation. One click favourites. Smart Screen Filter making going online safer. New Tab with web page organiser. Web Navigation and Multitasking are easier than ever. Drag and drop your favourite website pages straight onto your task bar for easy access. View multiple webpages in a single window. Add on Performance Advisor – some toolbars, which while enhancing your browsing, can slow it down.

Much of the improvement won’t actually be visible to users but the results will be seen in the streamlined design, fewer dialog boxes, more intuitive navigation and hardware acceleration. Apparently with Internet Explorer, websites will behave more like your every day programs with an all round faster browsing experience.

As far as how they will be compatible with your Reason8 Editor, we’d suggest allowing Microsoft the time they need to iron out any teething problems before switching over. Reason8 work hard to ensure that your website system is compatible with all the browsers available these days but its can be best to use the tried and tested versions if you’re one for an easier life!

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