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build a websiteMany Reason8 website builders will have discovered the amazing new Template Builder facility by now and hopefully you have enjoyed using the system and have created some amazing designs for your website. To help you, here are some suggestions for Design Ideas.

Should you need help with any step of creating your new header and website design, click here to check out a series of tutorials created to help you get the very best out of Template Designer.

If you’re starting from scratch with a new trial, simply choose your preferred starter template from all the categories and choices available and click personalise. If you’ve already started designing your website and header background, login to your website, click step 2 and click the header to access the template builder facility.

Background Designs

One of the great options included in the Template Designer are the enormous choice of patterned backgrounds. These backgrounds can be used as the main background to your header creating an impressive background to your header text and images. There are so many to choose from that any business type should easily be able to find a relevant or suitable design.

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To select a pattern for your header background, Click Design and select “Design your own Template”. In the Header section, check the “Switch Off” box to turn off Step 1 colour. Click the “outside” tab and choose one of the many backgrounds available. They are categorised into different styles for you to help you find something suitable. When using one of the background options, choose simple, unfussy designs that will provide the best backdrop for your text and images.

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When setting your text, use strong and clear fonts, which will stand out well and help them to stand out against the background by adding a strong shadow. To do this: Enter and drag your text into place on your chosen background and then edit the text so you can see how it looks against the background.

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Once placed, set the size and colour, making sure you choose a colour which stands out well against the background. Select the Shadow Option and then choose a contrasting “Outline” colour, so a light colour against a dark background or a dark colour against a light background. Use the sliders to set the Outline thickness and fade until the text stands out to its best advantage.

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Similarly with the images you choose, add a strong shadow or reflection to make sure your images stand out well against your chosen background. Once you have placed your image and have the image edit box open, you can find the shadow and reflection options in the 3D tab.
You can chop and change your background, images and text as much as you like until you’re happy with your design.

Have fun!

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