Individual Page Optimisation 

build a websiteThere are so many reasons why the Reason8 website builder offers one of the best and by far the easiest ways to create an online presence for your business.  The search engine optimisation performance is one of the best online. One major advantage with Reason8’s optimisation system is the fact that each and every page of your website is optimised individually. This means you can put each and every one of your webpages in its own spotlight!

So many businesses online these days, offer not just one service or product but many different products and services, split into in several different categories. This also means that businesses are not just targeting the same audience but instead need to attract the attention of a wide variety of demographics. 

Unfortunately most website systems are optimised under just one set of keywords, which makes it very difficult to give different products and services a spotlight of their own - but this is not the case with Reason8 website’s!!  Every single page in a Reason8 website not only has its own set of keywords but also an individual Title and Descriptions, all of which can be submitted to Google with a single click! 

build a websiteLet’s have a look at your individual page optimisation! 

Log into your control panel and click step3 – Webpages. Next to every page, you’ll see a Google logo. Click on the logo next to any of your pages and you’ll see the Metatag Information for that page including the Title, Keywords and Description.

You may well already see a list of keywords and content in each of these windows. These are the top choice of keywords and keyphrases, which your website system has already placed for you, taken from the content you placed on your page.

It is very important that the keywords listed here match the keywords on your webpage.

You can amend the Title, Description and keywords for any of your pages to make sure that the products and services on the page are being promoted to the right audience but be sure to follow the rules below as mistakes made here can cause more harm than good!

Rules for Effective Page Optimisation 

Title Tag 

The title tag is the single most important factor to consider when optimizing your web page for the search engines. This is because most engines & directories place a high level of importance on keywords that are found in your title tag. The title tag is also what the search engines usually use for the title of your listing in the search results. Each page of your site should have its own title tag with its own keywords that directly relate to the content on that page. Because of its importance, there are some rules which must be followed!

1) Your title tag be between 50-80 characters long - including spaces!
2) Include 1-2 of your most important key phrases in the title tag, BUT make sure your title is readable sentence, not just a list keywords. If you just list keywords you could be blacklisted by the search engines. You can find your top key phrases in Step 1 (Part 5) of your control panel.
3) Make your title enticing! Don't forget that even if you get that #1 listing in the search engines your listing still needs to say something that makes the surfer want to click through and visit your site.
4) Place your keywords as close to the beginning of the tag as possible. 

build a websiteKeywords 

1) Your Keywords Meta should not exceed 1024 characters including spaces.
2) You should only use keyword phrases that you have used in the content of your page, title tag, meta description, and other tags. Any keywords phrases that you use that do not appear in your other tags or page copy won’t help your listings for that phrase.
3) Don't forget plurals or common misspellings. For example, a travel site might have both "caribbean vacation", "caribbean vacations", "caribean "  in their keyword meta tag to make sure they show up in all searches.
4) Watch out for repeats! Avoid repeated words in the keyword meta more than 5 times.
5) If your site has content of interest to a specific geographic location be sure to include the actual location in your keyword meta. 


1) Your Description Meta tag should not exceed 250 characters including spaces. 
2) Make sure you accurately describe the content of your page in an enticing way to encourage visitors to click on your listing.
3) Include 3-4 of your most important keyword phrases. Especially those used in your title tag above and page copy.
4) Try to have your most important keywords appear at the beginning of your description.

build a website 

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