Linking to Content on Different Pages

build a websiteIf your website offers lots of information, one of your main priorities as the website builder, will be to arrange this information into easy to read sections so that your website visitors can find what they need quickly and easily. One of the best ways to guide your visitors to the various sections of content is by creating indexes or menu pages. These are clickable menu’s using either images or text to transport visitors to the information they need with a simple click.

Reason8’s website builder makes it so simple to create links from menus at the top of a page to sections of information on the same page. This form of menu is commonly used for Question and Answers pages, where a list of Questions appear at the top of the page and on clicking each question you are transported to the answer further down the page. To view the tutorial on linking within the same page click here.

It’s also possible to create separate menu pages, which link to further information on a different page. This is ideal for lists of products or services, where you need to provide descriptions, images and prices etc.

Let’s look at how to do this now.......

The first thing you need to do is create anchors next to the specific sections of the webpage to which you want visitors to jump.

build a websiteSet your anchor in a paragraph (P) of its own above the relevant section to ensure that visitors get a neat amount of space between the top of the browser window and the start of your section of information. To do this, place your cursor directly in front of the first word or heading of the section and press return on your keyboard to tab it down to a new line. Then place your cursor back up in the clear line you’ve just created above. Now - click the Insert / Edit Anchor Link button on your editor icon bar. Click “Create an Anchor” and type a name for your anchor.

DON’T FORGET to choose a name, which is relevant, easy to remember and contains no gaps.. (If you use two words you’ll need to remove the space between the two words i.e. “anchorname”). Don’t forget to make a note of your anchor name or a handy time saving tip is to copy and paste it into a new word or notepad document for later.

Linking to your anchors.

build a websiteGo back to your menu page and first create links from each item in the menu to the correct page. To do this - highlight the link text or image > click the Yellow Insert Link Icon > Webpage > Internal Webpage > Choose the correct page and “Add to Website”.

build a websiteNow go back to your first menu item and highlight it again > click the Yellow Insert Link Icon again but this time choose Webpage > External Webpage. A window will open up showing the external link address, as you see in the picture here. Click to place your cursor right at the end of the code that you see and then without any gaps add a # sign and then the anchor name so that the address will now look like similar to this: info2.cfm?info_id=65929#anchorname.
Choose whether you’d like the further information page to open in a new window or the same window and click add to website. We would recommend “No” here, as otherwise your visitors will end up with lots of new windows opening up as they click the various menu items.

Now save the page and try your link out.

You can make your visitor’s journey even easier by adding “back to menu” internal webpage links at intervals throughout the further information pages. This will make it really quick and easy for them to get back to the menu to have a look at the other products or services in the list.

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