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build a websiteReason8 website builders are enjoying the design facility provided by their new Website Template designer.  The NEW Template Designer offers all the help and tools required to design your own header and website background. Endless options for background colour and style, and editing options for images and text with a host of styles and effects provide website builders with everything they need to create the perfect look and feel for their business website.  Some customers have been asking about ways to incorporate links into their header, such as links to their control panel login access page. This tutorial will show you how.

There are a whole series of tutorials available to help you get the very best out of this incredibly flexible and easy to use facility. Click here to view all the tutorials so far.

If you’re already working on your new  website and header background, login to your control panel and click step 2 (style) to access the template designer. If you can’t access your login page add:   /user_login.cfm  to the end of your domain so enter; ( ) into the address bar of your browser and this will bring up your login access page. Then we can go in and add a proper login link to your new header. 

build a websiteLogin and click step2 to access the template designer and you will be shown your header so far. You can add hyperlinks to your Home, Contact or your Login page and you can attached them to any images or lines of text in your header using the Link to: option.

To add a link to an image – simply double click the image to open it in the options box and at the bottom of each option you will see the ”Link To:” option. Use the Drop Down box to select Home,  Contact Us page or Your Login page.

To add a link to a line of text – again, simply double click the text, click on the Effect button on the left and you’ll find the “Link To:” option at the bottom. Use the Drop Down box to select Home,  Contact Us page or Your Login page. 

You can set as many links as you like. Once you’ve chosen and set your login link, we’d also suggest adding at least a couple on other images or text lines for your home page. If you choose your company name or a slogan featuring some of your keywords this can help to make your header more visible to the search engines and so helps Search Engine optimisation.
Click Save and Exit once you have placed your links and that’s it, it’s that simple!

build a website 

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