Organising your web pages.

build a websiteWe all know how important it is for website builders to keep their pages fresh and new. It’s not only your customers who need to be kept interested and updated on new products and services but the Search engines also like to see activity on a website. If all the pages on a website stay the same for months on end, the Search Engines may start to think it’s been forgotten or abandoned and will be less likely to include it in the top searches. So keep your website alive and updated. Creating new pages will draw a lot of attention from both internet users and search engines, so whenever you launch a new product or service, don’t forget to add all the information to your website!!

When you add a new page to your website, you’ll need to make sure your page can be accessed easily by your customers, either via your navigation bar or with an internal link from one of your primary pages. In Step 3 – Webpages, Click on the Organise pages button. In here you can move pages on and off your navigation menu, change the page titles and create submenus.

To Add a New page to your navigation menu.

build a websiteOn the left in the Green Block are “Your Webpages”, which shows the current pages that you have on your website. On the right in the Blue Block is “Your Navigation Menu”, which lists the webpages, which have buttons, shown to internet users in the main navigation menu down the left or across the top of all your pages. You may not have all your pages listed here as some pages may be hidden but accessed by other internal links. They may also be in a different order. From the left hand list, find the new page you have created and then drag and drop it into the right hand list and into the position you want it to sit within your navigation menu. A black line will appear to help you decide where to drop it. You can place it anywhere (apart from the top of course as this spot is for Home pages only).

The simple “Drag n Drop” function here makes it very easy for you to arrange your pages to the best advantage. Simply left click and hold onto a page title to grab it then move your mouse to drag the page from the left and drop them into place on the right by releasing the left mouse button.
You can change your page order as much as you like. You can even select and move multiple pages in one go by selecting them while holding down the Ctrl key (bottom left or right corner of your keyboard).

Change your page button title. 

If you want to change the name of a page on your navigation menu, just double click on the page in the right hand navigation menu list and you will see the title change from white text on a blue background to simple black text on a white background. You can now edit the title. When you are finished, simply click the title icon and the title will change back to white text on a blue background.

You can also create Submenus

If you want to give customers easy access to hidden pages but want to keep your navigation menu as a neat, short list, you can create sub menus, i e a second button, which appears only when someone hovers their mouse over a primary button. To create a submenu - drag one page title on top of another. To change it, simply pick it up again and drop it back on a line of its own. (A black line will appear to help you decide where to drop it).

To remove a page button from your Navigation Menu, simply left click on the page title in the right hand menu once to highlight it and click the remove button. Don’t worry this won’t actually delete the page and its content, it will just remove the button from the navigation menu. You will still be able to see your page in the left hand webpages list.

 build a website

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