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build a websiteIn choosing to team up with Reason8 to build a website for your business you’ve chosen a website system, which has a huge amount of expertise and skills when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation. It’s a simple case of visibility really. When Internet users are searching on line for products and services they’ll be typing certain keywords into a Search Engines search bar. If your products or services match what they are looking for, it’s more than likely that you’ll have the same keywords on your web pages. The trick is to make sure that these keywords are super visible to the search engines so that their reply to the search can be - “Ah yes, I know exactly where there’s a page with those very same keywords sir... here it is”. Make sure that web page is yours!

S.E.O Guides

Reason 8 have produced 3 easy guides, which explain how SEO works and, which offer several ways in which you can help your website to achieve optimum Search Engine performance. You can find them in Step 3 by clicking the Google Icon.


The text and images you place on your web pages are very important as of course this is where your keywords are displayed not only for your customers but also the search engines. Think carefully about the content and your keywords. Is the information relevant to your clients? Does it make you want to read it? Does it look neat, tidy, professional and inviting? Make sure the spelling and grammar is ok?

build a websiteKeywords

Your list of top keywords are the words that you think people are most likely to type into a search bar when they are looking for a product or service like yours. If you operate your business within a certain area such as a town or county then include this area within your keywords.

Once your keywords are included within your page content, you need to tell your website what they are.

Scroll to the bottom of Step 1 in your website Control Panel (Part 5) and enter your top keyphrase, which should include your top 6 keywords.  Enter 4 other keyphrases using your other keywords and a summary description for your business.

Send out an Invitation and a Map

If you tell the search engines you’re website is online and make it easy for them to search your pages for keywords, they’re more likely to include your website in their search lists. In your control build a websitepanel down the left hand side, you’ll find a button called Google verify. This button will help you to verify your domain and send a sitemap to both Google and Bing (MSN). Simply follow the steps as instructed. If you need a bit more help, click here to view the tutorial.


Inbound links, i.e hyperlinks to your website from other websites will not only boost traffic to your site but will go a long way to convincing the search engines that your website is really quite important and should be included in all relevant search lists. The more links you get coming into your website the better. Search engines also take into account the relevance of the websites linking to you, so why not ask your suppliers, or other local businesses to trade links?

Keep it fresh.

Every time you change anything on your pages, you catch the search engines attention. They like to see you updating and adding new content as this tells them that this is a site, which is still active, and not one that has just been forgotten about!!

build a websiteNeed a hand?

Anyone can optimise their own site by following our guidelines. But what if you just don’t have the time? In that case we can recommend a company that works exclusively with Reason8 websites and offers a service called an SEO health check. They can ensure that every aspect of your website SEO processes are working as hard as they can for you. Click here for further details.

 build a website

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