Sales Incentives using Gift and Discount Vouchers

Equestrian Website DesignIt’s a well known fact that Online Shoppers love a good deal, a great saving or a real bargain!! Gift certificates and discount vouchers are a great way to improve customer loyalty. Rewarding loyal customers and encouraging repeat business by issuing discount vouchers has been shown to be one of the most effective ways to increase sales. As a website builder you can give your website the edge by offering sales incentives like these to both new and existing customers and website visitors. It can sometimes even make the difference between a shopper buying from your website or surfing onto the next to look for better offers elsewhere.

Fortunately it just got incredibly easy for you to offer these incentives to your customers and therefore maximize the sales through your website. All Reason8 shopping baskets work in partnership with the award winning system called Mals Ecommerce. A very recent development upgrade by Mals Ecommerce to their system means that it’s now really simple to offer Money off Vouchers, Gift Vouchers and Discount Coupons to your website shopping basket.

It really is up to you how and when you offer these incentives but make sure that they generate the maximum number of sales possible and also encourage future business. You may want to offer money off vouchers as a Thank You to new customers who have made a purchase with you to ensure they come back to you. You could even offer vouchers to new customers to pass on to their friends. There are endless ways in which you could use vouchers to boost sales and build your customer base.

Sounds Great! How do I offer Vouchers to my customers?

If you already have a shopping basket built into your website, you’ll have a Mals Account. Log into your Mals account using the login details you would have been provided with when you initially set your shopping basket up. (If you’ve Equestrian Website Designforgotten your details, don’t worry, just go to and use their Forgotten Your Details facility)

Let’s start by looking at Gift Vouchers as this is one of the main three tabs you’ll see at the top when you log in to your Mals Account.

Click on “Gift Vouchers” and you’ll see the “Issue Gift Vouchers” window.

All you need to do is enter the Recipients Name, their Email Address, the amount of the voucher and any message you want to send to your lucky customer. Don’t forget to tick the “Voucher Entry Box”, which enables a text box in your shopping cart where customers can enter the code for their gift voucher. You can issue up to 200 gift vouchers this way. The currencies are those from your current cart setup.

The Redeem Vouchers section deals with vouchers, which can be issued for use only as part payment of an order. Here you can choose whether the order total needs to be more than the gift voucher and whether the customer needs to pay the remainder before letting them check out. Choose your preferred option and click update settings.
All the Vouchers you issue are logged on this same page to help you keep track of them too.

In the next Blog, we’ll look at how to set up Discount Vouchers.

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