Shopping Basket Options

Your Shopping Basket is the final step in generating sales for your online business. Your website works just like a Relay Team. Your primary intro pages work to catch your visitors attention, the baton is then smoothly passed to the information pages with the click of a mouse, whose job it is to generate interest and desire from your visitors and potential customers. Then come the product pages and finally the last runner, who needs to run fast and smooth is the Shopping Basket. When you build a website, your Shopping Basket needs to provide your customers with as much information and as many options as possible. Fortunately your Reason8 Shopping Basket Wizard offers a host of options and functions to help you create a simple and enjoyable shopping experience for all your customers.

Product Information.

Once you’ve logged into your control panel and clicked Step 4 (Groups and Items), the first option you’ll see is to add a “New Item” and choose a group for that item. Once you’ve selected a name and group, you’re presented with the main Item Wizard window. Choose your unique Item name (It must be unique otherwise it could overwrite another existing item with the same name!!), an item code (if required), the price and select an image for your product. Make sure the images are good quality as they can have a good deal of influence over people’s decision to buy.

The next section accommodates the items description, which should not be ignored or taken lightly. Don’t forget, your visitors are on the verge of spending money with you so make sure you're giving them all the information they need about the item they’re considering buying.
What does it do? What are its USP’s (unique selling points)? What options are there? Etc., etc..

Link to a larger image. 

You can link to a larger image from your item description to show people and better view of the item they are buying. Upload larger images into your library via the “Upload Manage Files” button down the left hand column in your main control panel window. Again, make sure the image is a good one as this alone could be the final push to purchase. To Link to a larger image, type a line such as “Click for larger image” into your description, then click the yellow Insert Link icon (exactly the same as you would normally find in your editor icon bar) click: File > image > choose the correct image from the menu shown. When you see the Auto-Resize the Window box, Click YES to make your larger image open in the new perfectly sized lightbox format.

Once you click NEXT, you’ll be shown a preview of your new item, which is a perfect opportunity for you to make sure it’s working as hard as it can to effectively sell your product. Test any larger image links etc. If it isn’t right, go back and tweak it. In the next Blog, we’ll be covering the options available in more detail.

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