Website and Email Security

Spam and Phishing emails continue to be a major problem for web users worldwide. When you build a website with Reason8, we work hard to offer you as much protection against these verminous troublemakers as we possible can. You may or may not have noted the recent security warning email sent to all customers to stay alert for a coordinated 'Phishing' attempt, which tries to steal your login details. If you receive an email requesting your login details and pretending to be from Reason8 or anyone else for that matter, IGNOR IT!!!.

A number of customers have asked about these devious emails, which aim to fool you into giving them the login details for your website and your personal email. DO NOT fall for their tricks!

Never give your login details to anyone!

Reason8 will NEVER ask you for your website login details and you should never disclose them to anyone alse. We will NEVER ask you for your personal email login details either and again you should never give these details to anyone. If you are asked for your security settings or are directed to a webpage that looks like Reason8 or Outlook with a form you can fill in DO NOT enter your details.

As you know, your website remains totally secure as long as you do not give your login details to a third party and do not give access to your mailbox to anyone.

We take the problem email spam very seriously:

Spam abuses the Internet’s role as a connected medium, disrupts business AND can be malicious and harmful. The foundations and background systems of your website are designed to protect you from the common types of email spam but this protection can be bypassed if you hand out your login details!

How do we protect your email against spam ?

When you enter an email address into Step 1 of your website control panel for it to be displayed on your ‘Contact’ page it is protected! To block spammers, your email address is broken up into lots of little pieces and then a clever little program within your browser puts it all back together in a way which stops spammers from abusing it. It looks perfect to you and your customers, but the spammers will not recognise it as a harvestable email and will move on.

Another complimentary email feature is the neat little email form built into your contact page. This form allows your clients to email you without them needing an email client loaded onto their machine. The form also sports a rather effective "captcha" security jacket, which stops the spam robots from hijacking your form and using it to send further spam and harmful content.

We're working hard again this vermin so please try to help us and yourself by making sure that you don't willingly hand out security information.

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