How does Reason8 Optimise your Website?

When you first start thinking about building a website for your business, one of the main criteria you should really look for is Effective Search Engine Optimisation. There are plenty of companies out there offering websites, which you can build yourself but many of them hide lots of extra costs for services and functions which really should be included as standard. Search Engine Optimisation being one of them. It's very much like buying a car and then finding out you need to pay extra for the steering wheel??!

Search Engine Optimisation can be a very complicated and confusing subject with many people having neither the time nor the knowledge or expertise to make sure their websites are as visible as possible to the search engines. Fortunately, Reason8 deals with the majority of the hard work required to optimise your website and YES… it does indeed come as standard with all business website packages.

It’s very clever too!

While you get on with the simple task of placing your text and images on your pages, your website is working very hard, using the information that you’re placing on your pages to add much of the visibility needed to help you achieve the best positions possible. The whole structure of your Reason8 Website has in fact been built with Search Engines in mind.

The processes, elements and features are too many to name but some of the main ones include:
* Your Pages,
* Your Page buttons,
* Your page content - Images and Text
* Your Website Header,
* Your duplicate site (many of you probably didn’t even know about that did you! Yes, Reason8 produces a duplicate site as an extra SEO boost),
* The ongoing promotion of your Domain, (rather than submitting your domain just the once when you first join as so many companies do, Reason8 promotes your domain every 2 weeks for the life of your site)
* Inbound Links – 3 actually, to get you started, all provided by Reason8 and its partners.
* and the new Google Verification button – its so simple to do, its ridiculous! 

There are all sort of things you can do to boost your website performance but to achieve a good position online, the only help we ask of you is a list your best keywords and a short description of your business.
In Step 1 of your control panel, you will have been asked to enter a Top Key Phrase, which contains the top search words most relevant to you business, service or product range. A selection of other keyword phrases and a short description explaining what your new business website is offering. 

Having done that, did you realise that every single image you place on your webpages will be automatically tagged with that top key phrase and start shouting it from the rooftops to all the major Search Engines. Check it out now by hovering your mouse over any of the images on your site or any other Reason8 website and watch the Top Key Phrase popup! 

Also, all the information you entered into Step 1 and the content you placed onto your pages will have been used to create: a Title, a List of Keywords and a Description for each and every one of your pages. Click Step 3 and click the Google icon next to each of your pages in turn. You will see the new information which has been added there, now click submit at the bottom of this page and then go and submit all this new information for each of your pages.  

Hyperlinks are extremely visible to the Search Engines and here is a great tip or trick that you can do to boost the Search Engine Optimisation on your website. For every new page you create, make sure you create an external hyperlink back to your home page from text, which includes your top key words. It’s such a great technique that we even do it ourselves. If you click the words “building a website” in the first paragraph of this blog, you’ll find yourself looking at our home page! Practice what you preach isn’t just an old saying after all!
To do this select the text you want to use for your link – again, making sure it includes your top keywords, highlight them then click the Yellow Insert Link icon > webpage > External Webpage > Enter your Website Address / URL / Domain – and select Yes to open in a new window.

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