Setting up your Shopping Cart

Making your business website simple to use and easy to manage has always been a top priority for Reason8 and the Shopping Basket facility is one area, which needs to be as flexible and easy to use as possible. Lets face it, not many people have the time to learn how to use complicated software or learn the language of HTML. Even huge companies with all singing, all dancing e-commerce packages have had problems with adding and changing items or switching items off or hiding them as stock levels fluctuated.

The solution was a shopping cart system called Mal’s e-commerce (one of the most respected website companies on the internet). With this system, you can; Add your products one-by-one; Decide how you want to sort your items; Switch on your shopping basket with a single click; Sell your products with different options; Offer other items at the same time and give discount for bulk purchase etc., etc. Even the shopping basket buttons are automatically added to save you time and effort. If that wasn’t enough your customers can enjoy a checkout with the smooth running processes and  functionality that many would expect from much larger online stores.

When you switch your shopping basket on, there are some simple steps to follow to ensure that everything works correctly and your customers have a smooth buying process. This is essential to build trust and reassurance in your business and encourages them to come back time after time after time.

Your Reason8 website will have already completed many of the set up steps for you but there are a few, which you need to do yourself. Lets go through those steps now:

In your main Control Panel Window, down the left hand side, click the button titled “Add a Shopping Basket”. You can get to the same window via Step 4 > Settings > Basket Settings. If you haven’t already switched on your basket, do so now. You will receive 2 emails. One will arrive from Mals Ecommerce and will provide you with information including the username and password you need to login to your Mals account. Save these login details somewhere safe and handy. The second email will come from Reason8 and will provide a step-by-step set up guide. We’re going to go through the set up together now anyway but keep the email safe in case you haven’t got the time now and need to do it later. If you’ve already received this email a while back, don’t worry, you don’t need to go searching for it, simply, click the link “Email Setup Instructions” and a duplicate copy will be sent to you. Again, save it somewhere safe and handy.

Now, lets go through the setup for your Shopping Cart.

~ click the links below to view each relevant window.

1) When you log in, you’ll go straight to “Admin Home”. Make sure “Show Cart” is checked, then click update.

2) Click on Cart Set-up – (the third tab along at the top) and under Payment Methods, click Paypal (we recommend using Paypal). In the next window click Website Payments Standard and enter the email address you used to set up your Paypal account. Scroll to the bottom and click update. View page

3) Click on Cart Setup and under Tax and Shipping, click “Shipping” and select how your postage and packing will be added. The most common and simple being Option 1, a fixed fee of your choice added to every order. View page

4) Click on Cart Setup and under Customize, click on LANGUAGE, COUNTRY and CURRENCY. Change the Language to “English – British”. Under Currency Message, change the default message to read “All prices are in GBP Sterling”. Set the format as 1,000,000.00 and set the Currency to “British Pound”. View page

5) Click on Cart Setup and under Customize, click Return Link. Enter your full website address - And your company’s title for the link. View page

That’s it; your basic set up is done! Now sit back and wait for your first sale. 
We’ll look at some of the other options and functions you can add to your shopping cart in the next few blogs.

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