£Billions spent Online - Are you getting your share?

One of the biggest success stories of the Millennium is Online Shopping. It’s a market, which is now open to every single business and its only fair that you should take your share of the £billions being spent each year online. A report published by PayPal with the help of credit experts - Experian, forecasts that by the end of 2011, UK online sales could increase by almost 140% !! This level of growth would mean that annual online retail sales could jump from under £9 billion to an astonishing £21 billion!! So if you haven’t built your business website yet, what are you waiting for?…..

UK online sales could increase by almost 140% !!

A recent e-business survey has also forecast that UK consumers are due to increase their online shopping this year. In these current times of financial hardship, people will be shopping online to save money and enjoy the convenience of shopping from home. So if you haven’t got your products online yet, nows the time to go for a simple upgrade to your Reason8 Website.

All you have to do is click the Add a Shopping Basket button, follow the step by step instructions and you have a super user friendly, world class shopping basket system at your fingertips. It’s built into your website and is so simple to use. Managing your stock is so easy too. You can add, remove or even hide items, which maybe out of stock temporarily.  Move items between groups. Add options for each item such as size and colour. Offer other relevant products at the checkout. Offer special discount for bulk purchases…….

Handy Tip

Before you start adding items, you can make life a lot easier for both yourself and your customers with a little forethought about your products. Do you need to put them into different groups? Have you got your photography ready? Good quality images make all the difference. If you haven’t got images ready, the system will add a funky swirl picture in its place for you, which you can easily go back and replace with your own image at a later date. Have you got your prices ready? How much are you going to charge for postage etc? Being prepared is going to save you a lot of time and will make for a better, smoother shopping experience for your customers.

Now, lets look at how easy it is to add an item to your Shop. (Click the buttons / links here to view rrelevant windows)
Click Step 4 (Groups and Items) > New Item > Choose a Group or Create a new Group. You’ll now be looking at really simple form in which you need to add; the Product Name (each name must be unique); an item code (this will help you to manage and identify the item(s) purchased); the price; an image and a description. When you enter a description you have the same editor as the one you use on your web pages so it’s easy to use the same typefaces and colours to give your shop a uniform look.

Now click “Next” and the system will show you what your item will look like to your customers. If you’re not happy, simply click back and make some changes. If you’re happy, click “Next”. You can now decide if you want to add another item or move onto the extra options, which you can set for each item. If you have a lot of items to add, it might be easier to add them all with the basic info first and then back go through them to add the choices and options second. If at any time you want to look at the whole group simply click the "Show Group" button. You can view, edit and delete items from this window too. We’ll be covering the extra options in the next blog so please come back to join us again 

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