Take Control of your Web Pages.

Your web pages work so very hard for you and can do so much to make sure your website is performing at its best. All you have to do is feed them and give them a little inspiration and guidance every now and again. Their extensive list of skills includes: invitation, salutation, inspiration, instruction, education, direction, interaction, entertainment, demonstration, advertising, marketing, sales, optimisation, administration, security, customer service, accountancy etc., etc., etc.…….. They could be one of the cheapest and most industrious one-stop  workforces ever known to man, so they've got to be worth a bit of TLC every now and again don’t you think!

To help you build the best website for your business,  Reason8 have been working extremely hard on a vast development programme to bring even greater flexibility to your Website Editor System. We’ll be running through the flexibilities of the system over the next few blogs so that you can be sure you’ve taken advantage of all the functions available. It’s a bit like getting a new mobile phone… you know that there are loads of things it can do but you're not using them because you just weren’t aware of them or haven’t had the opportunity to try them all out. So lets make sure your web pages (bless them…) are working as hard as they possibly can for you and your business.

Starting from the beginning – Step 3 Web Page HQ

Log in and click Step 3. Above your list of webpages are the first of two main options - New Page (Click the button to view the page). Now, I know you’ve all “been there, done that” but did you take a look at the Layout Options, which offer some really helpful guidance and handy tips on suitable layouts for different pages. Click to view. You may have simply gone for the Blank Template with its “Recommended” button but some of the other layouts not only set the page out for you with example images but also give some great ideas on how to set your text around images too. There is also a Thumbnail Grid layout, which is perfect if you have lots of images you need to display. Have a look and if you have time, have a play! (You may also want to take a look at the “Linking to Larger Images” Blog)

Organise Your Pages

The 2nd Option – “Organise Pages” is one of the exciting new functions from the development programme and is well worth doing! In here you can create your new Navigation Menu with Sub Menu’s and even Sub-Sub Menus. This allows you to reduce the number of primary menu buttons displayed down the left column of your website. (See related Blog on Navigation)

On the left, you will see a Green Block titled “Your Webpages”, which shows the current (page) menu buttons visible on your website.  On the right is a Blue Block showing “Your Navigation Menu”, which, when you’re finished, will be the new page menu shown.
This facility works on a very simple “Drag n Drop” basis. Simply Drag the pages from the left and drop them on the right. You can play about with the order as much as you like. You can select and move multiple pages in one go by holding down your Ctrl key.
Now for the clever bit! To create a sub menu, i.e a second button, which appears when someone hovers their mouse over a primary button - Drag one button on top of another. If you need to change it simply pick it up again and drop it back on a line of its own. (A handy black line will appear to help you decide where to drop it)
If you want to change the name of a page just double click it and edit.
To remove a page from your Navigation Menu, simply select to highlight and click the remove button. Don’t worry this won’t delete the page and its content, it will just remove it from the blue area which shows your visible navigation menu.

I’ll leave you to play now. Have Fun and watch out for the next Blog when we’ll be looking at Why and How you would Lock your Webpages! 

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