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The economy may be suffering but the Internet is still growing in both size and strength. Everyone’s talking about the fact that consumers are spending less, but sales and spending online through eCommerce is continuing to grow year-on-year. The Internets’ reputation for great deals, better value and greater choice is attracting potential customers and online business from all corners of the demographic. Even the most self confessed technophobes are getting in on the action so as not to miss out, so feel assured that having built your website, your business is in the right place by being online.
Making sure that your online target audience can get hold of you is vital so lets look at a couple more ways you can encourage maximum response from potential customers and visitors to your website.

Email links

Your Reason8 Website Editor has a clever option, which allows you to set up preset email links from your website pages. Visitors need only to click, complete and send them, almost like a mini reply form. These links are a great way to incorporate a couple of proven marketing techniques: Newsletters and Recommend to a Friend.


By sending informative email newsletters, you have a powerful way of keeping in touch with both existing and potential customers. It’s a great way to let them know about new product lines, special offers and special events etc. More importantly, if you linger in their minds, they're more likely to think of you when they next need the products or services you offer.

On your main intro pages, enter a line such as “Subscribe to our Newsletter and be the first to hear about special offers and new products.” or a subtle link at the bottom of each page, i.e.: “Newsletter” or “Subscribe to Newsletter”. You could even set a whole page aside to introduce your newsletter and explain fully what special offers and great deals await those who subscribe to it.
Once you have the text for your link – highlight it and click the yellow “Insert Link” icon – choose Email and in the next window you will see 3 fields, which you need to fill in:

1) E-Mail Address – enter your email address
2) Message Subject – “Subscribe to the (your Company name) Newsletter” 
3) Message Body – This is where you can pre-type content into the body of the email
e.g. Yes I would like to receive your newsletter
My details are:

Visitors simply add any required details and click send. Simple!

Keep a record of each subscription you receive and add to the contact list ready for your newsletter. By requesting your newsletter, these potential customers have eliminated any Spam restrictions or barriers.

Your Newsletter 

The first rule – “Keep it Short”. Second - Make sure the introduction to your newsletter is well suited to your target audience and will encourage the recipient to read on. Your approach may need to be friendly and casual or technical and professional. It will totally depend on your audience.
Third - Know who your target audience are. Who are your top customers or clients? Who would you like to be your top customers or clients! What puts them in your target list? What’s important to them? What do they want? What do they need? What motivates them?  Use this information to compose your newsletters. Include an image to add appeal. And Fourth - Most important! – don’t forget to include a link to your website at the bottom of your newsletter!
If time is a problem for you, there are plenty of Email marketing companies out there who can help you. 

Including a contact link on every page will guarantee that visitors and customers can get hold of you as and when they need to. You could either set a pre-set email link as described above. Set a blank email link by simply typing your email address onto your page, or set a link from words such as “Contact Us” to your contact page. Insert Link > Webpage > Internal Webpage > Webpage > choose “Contact Us page” from drop down menu > Add to website. 

Now sit back and relax, but don’t forget to check your inbox!! 

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