build a websiteYou’ll know if your website is working as hard and effectively as it can for you, when the calls, enquiries and orders start coming in. When you build a website, response from visitors is the ultimate goal, but can you do more to encourage potential customers to get in touch with you if they need to? 

YES absolutely!
The trick is to make contacting you as simple as possible…

Your Reason8 Website has a built in Contact Us page, which is created when you complete Step 1 in your Control Panel. If you haven’t done so already, enter your business address in Part 2. Your Phone, Fax, Email and Mobile numbers in part 3 and in part 4 choose how you want your contact details to be displayed.

If you have a shop premises and want customers to come to your shop / showroom, your Reason8 website has some clever facilities to help you attract them.

Your address is vital, so enter this into Part 2 and make sure you include your postcode. In the options; choose Yes to “Show Address” and “Yes” to “Show Map”. Your website control panel will now include your address and create and display a link to an interactive map facility where customers can view and print a clear map of your location and also get the best directions and routes to your door.

If your business is run primarily on a mail order basis from your home or you provide a service, which is carried out at your customers’ location, you may not wish to include your address. In this case, choose NO next to “Show Address” but make sure your customers have other options of getting in touch with you such as email or telephone.

Your email address is probably one of the most important forms of contact and your Reason8 website makes best use of this by providing a simple Contact Form for your customers. Make sure your email is included in Part 3 of Step 1 and choose “YES” next to “Show Contact Form”. Now when customers click on your Contact Us button, they will see the option “Click here if you would like us to contact you”. When they click this link a simple form will appear on the page using Reason8’s new light box feature. The form allows them to send a message, along with their name, email address and telephone number. The form content is then turned into an email and sent to you at the email address you entered in part 3.

A Contact or Enquiry form is one of THE best ways to encourage maximum response from visitors to your website. It provides the easiest and quickest way for visitors to ask for further information or to request further contact from you without any obligation or effort. Equally beneficial to you - it offers a vital database of potential clients who have already shown a genuine interest in your business so make sure you keep a record of all the responses you get. Also, by submitting the form, these customers have removed any Spam restrictions by granting you permission and inviting you to contact them about future offers and services!!

Your Reason8 Website can feature a more detailed online form if required, which can be hugely beneficial to both you and your customers. A form built specifically around your business can:
* provide you with a valuable database of genuinely interested potential customers.
* provide you with very useful information about those customers.
* enable customers to easily send detailed enquiries or request further information,
* sign up for newsletters or apply for accounts
* include drop down options featuring your products, services or related choices.
* send provisional bookings (ideal for accommodation, travel or transport services)
* check availability of products or services
* place provisional orders with check boxes for quick selection of specific options. 
etc., etc., etc., the applications are endless…
To enquire about a bespoke form, email us on

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