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Your Navigation Bar or Site Menu contains the links to the primary pages of your website and can have a significant effect on your website’s performance. Your website may well include anything from 10 to 50 + pages, but for the purposes of “usability” and “SEO” try to limit your primary page links (main Menu Buttons) to no more than 5 - 7. Websites with an excessively long list of page buttons in no obvious order or sequence can put visitors off, as they just won’t know where to start. Whereas a website with good navigation, which helps visitors find what they’re looking for by offering a pleasant and clear route, will undoubtedly result in more response and mores sales!

Your Reason8 website will feature standard links to both your Home page (which always comes first) and your Contact page. Once you have chosen the other pages for your Primary Menu, links to your remaining pages can be placed within the content of your primary pages. See the blog on Internal Links for tips on how to do this.

Your Page titles should include only clear, descriptive keywords. Why? Because it’s important to provide clear information to your visitors. Ambiguous or confusing page titles can put potential customers off. Also, clear and obvious page titles can make the pages more visible to Search Engines.
Links for pages such as: “about us”, “testimonials”, “terms and conditions”, “privacy policy” etc., can be placed at the bottom of your pages. They may be interesting but they’re secondary to main aim of your website, which is to sell or provide information on your products or services, so move them out of the way and give the spotlight to your primary pages.

One of most recent and exciting upgrades to your Reason8 editor are the new style options for your Navigation Bar buttons! Those plain grey rectangular buttons with static black text can now enjoy a complete makeover with options for colour, font, border, position and even animated rollover styles.

Add Style to your Buttons!

build a websiteLogin to your website and click on Step 2 (Style) > Menu Buttons. You’ll find a selection of examples, which you can use as a starting point. Select your favourite. Reason8’s renowned flexibility shines through here, as with each of the 9 options you have a “Show Me” button so you can see the effect instantly and tweak to your hearts content!

TYPE - Horizontal – across the top of your pages or Vertical – down the left side.  The default is Vertical as your website design, whether you have a template or customised design must be compatible. Most designs can be amended to either option. Reducing the number of main page buttons will be vital for the Horizontal option.

POSITION – Here you can amend the margin between your Menu buttons and the top and left hand sides of your page. 

SIZE – Set the preferred Height and Width of your button. Height options go from “Thinest” right up to the “You Sure?” setting. The Width is set by a percentage of the space available.

SPACING - Set the space between your buttons. Again you have the same fun options from “Thinest” to “You Sure?”.

build a websiteBORDER – Here you can choose which of the four sides, if any, will show a border and set its thickness. You can also choose your border’s colour from either a palette (with colours to match your existing colour scheme), from a colour rainbow chart or you can enter your own colour hex number. A NEW addition is the option of rounded corners rather than square.

FONT – Choose from 6 typefaces and set the size, alignment and the indentation from the left side of your button.

Now we get to the fun bit! The Rollover options bring your buttons alive with animation, which will help to grab visitor’s attentions.

build a websiteROLLOVER COLOUR – From the same choices of; colour palette, rainbow chart or hex number, you can now choose the standard colour and the colour you would like your buttons to change to whenever someone moves their mouse and cursor over them!

ROLLOVER FONT – Again choose your standard Font Colour along with options of Bold, Italic and Underline. Then choose the NEW colour and style that will transform the font on your buttons every time a Mouse / Cursor is positioned over them.

ROLLOVER BORDER – Standard and Transformation settings include colour and border type. Types include: LINE, OUT and IN (2D pronounced or indented) or GROOVE and RIDGE.  The number of sides you have set your border to include can affect the behaviour of some of the types.
All the button styles you create will be saved in your own library so you can create a selection and see which works best with your website design. 

build a websiteWe'd love these blog pages to become a handy forum for all Reason8 Web Builders, so please add your comments or questions and let's get chatting!!

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