build a websiteThere are billions of websites on the Internet but there is a simple way to get an edge over your competition. You simply need to be conscious of the quality of your content. First impressions last and you probably have less than a minute to grab and hold your visitors attention. Although this is partly down to design, the content of your website can make a big difference as well.

What you say and how you say it is a vital attribute of good quality content. This means; no spelling mistakes, short punchy sentences that make sense, and content that offers information, advice, solves a problem or answers a question. If your writing skills aren’t your strong point, why not ask someone to help you, consider taking a writing course or try some of the many free facilities online. For a quick content check, an online dictionary or thesaurus can be very handy tools. Internet Explorer and Firefox offer free Spell checkers, which work with your website editor. Once downloaded you can simply click the spellcheck button in your page editor icon bar and it will run through your content and offer corrections where necessary.

build a websiteAs a guide, aim to create content of between 300 – 500 words per page. This should be enough to include all the information, USP’s (Unique selling points) and incentives that your visitors need to come further into your shop and really start browsing and you know what they say – “Browsing leads to buying”!!

When you place your content on the page, the lay out must be easy on the eye and easy to read. Your Reason8 editor makes this part of the job very simple for you. You can paste copy straight onto your page using the “Paste as Plain Text” or “Paste from Word” buttons on your icon bar. The editor will then remove any existing format to avoid any formatting conflict.

build a website

Your content is then separated into paragraphs, making it easier to add your chosen format to the various sections. It’s very important to keep in mind, that “less is more” when it comes to formatting! You will want certain statements and lines of information to stand out, which will be impossible if ALL your text is set in “huge” size, in a “heading” format, in bold, italic, highlighted, bright red, indented and centre aligned etc., etc., Start with simple body text and use the formatting to break up the page and add structure.

The formatting options include:

FORMAT: – Normal Text or Headings; 1, 2 and 3 (Heading 1 being the biggest). Include headings and subheadings to add structure and offer an immediate insight into the nature of your content. Avoid setting all your text in a heading format.

FONT– Choose from 6 typefaces or text styles. A good tip is to choose one typeface and stick to it throughout the main body of your website content. A different font can be used for headings but avoid using any more than two fonts on any one web page.

SIZE – Set your text in a range of sizes from Small to HUGE! Again start with the bulk of your text in small or medium and use the larger sizes for headings or important statements which need to stand out.

BOLD – Text is thicker and darker. ITALIC – text slants to the right.  UNDERLINE – A line under the text..

COLOUR, there's a whole colour chart to choose from here but for a clean, easy to read design try to avoid using any more than 3 colours on a page. Rainbows are lovely in logos or graphics but not on text!

HIGHLIGHTED Text – For important pieces of information, which need to stand out from the page, you can use this option to lay a block of colour over a word or line of text.

INDENT – A paragraph or block of text can stand out from the main body of text by moving it to a distinctive distance from the left margin.

BULLET points – This is a great way to set out lists of information. Each point is prefixed with a centred bullet point and the whole list is indented slightly to the right.

HORIZONTAL LINE – Separate different sections of information with a thin line across the page.

JUSTIFY – Left, Centre, Right and Block. The default setting is left but this option allows you to centre a heading or an important statement or right align some text to sit around or next to an image, which you have placed on the right.

As with many features within your Reason8 editor, you go back and tweak your text and its position and format as many times as like to get it just right!

build a websiteWe'd love these blog pages to become a handy forum for all Reason8 Website Builders, so please add your comments or questions and let's get chatting!!

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