Last Chance for Christmas

Millions of shoppers are panic buying online as we speak so now is the time for that last push to secure your fair share of the shopping frenzy. As a website builder, you should already have all your top products in your shopping basket but how can you emphasize any last minute special offers or ideas for great last minute Christmas Presents. You can create a temporary Christmas Gift Group within your shopping basket and give your viewers and customers a whole choice of ideas.

There are actually two ways that you could highlight certain products. You could create a new page, listing all the particular items and link to the items individually, or you could create a new group called Christmas and move all the items into the Christmas group so your customers have to click just one link to be faced with a whole selection of great ideas.

Create a new Christmas Page.

It’s always a great idea to add new pages every now and again. It keeps the search engines on their toes and brings your website to their attention. It also keeps your customers new, old and potential interested and inspired. Simply log in to Step 3 (Webpages) and Click New page, give it a title and choose the gallery option for the layout – the one with all the thumbnails and the grid already laid out for you.

Replace all the example content with the details of your products and offers and where possible insert a picture for each item.
From the images create links to the relevant items within the shopping basket. To do this select each image in turn by left clicking it once to highlight it then click the yellow Insert Link icon in your editor bar. Choose Webpage > Internal Webpage > Item > select the item from the drop down box. 

Create a New Christmas Group.

By creating a whole new group, your customers get to view all the items available together, which is a strategy proven by supermarkets and department stores worldwide.
Give people enough choice, they are inspired to make a choice.
To move your items click Step 4. Don’t worry you can always move them back in the new year, or maybe leave them there and change the name of the group To New Year Specials!! In Step 4, create a new group and name it. Then go to the first item you want to move and click edit. In the last option box before the description area, you will see “In Group” and the group is selected from the drop down menu. Simply select the New Christmas group from the drop down menu and click save. That’s It!

Don’t forget to use the other options available to maximise your sales: “Offer Other items at the same time” and “Bulk Discounts”. To set these options, click next until you see “Do you want to Create another Item” at which you say no. then select the item to customize from the drop down menu and work your way through the option wizard. Check out previous Blogs to see more info on the options available and how to set them.

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