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Social network sites or SNSs have attracted millions of users and have offered a flexible communication portal for friends and strangers alike to get connected and stay connected. Since they appeared on our computer screens, social network sites such as MySpace, Facebook and Twitter, have now become a daily activity for millions of their users. There are in fact hundreds of social networks, supporting a huge range of interests and topics. Social networks allow strangers to connect with each other to discuss, share and view information on shared interests, political views, or activities. Social Network Sites are also a fantastic marketing tool for website builders, offering a potentially enormous audience!

Social network sites are website-based services that allow individuals to build and publish a profile of personal / business information, interests, media such as photo’s, video, audio etc., This profile can then be made available to either ALL other users on the network or an allowed or controlled list of other users with whom they share a connection or interest. Suggestions for users with similar profiles or who are connected to other allowed contacts are suggested and can be added to the “friends” list. An enormous list of potential friends, acquaintances or prospective clients can be gathered and this list provides an invaluable marketing tool.

"Networking" isn’t just about looking to meet new people; but also offers a simple way to communicate with people who are already a part of their extended social network. After joining a social network site, users are urged to suggest others with whom they have a relationship.

In the same way Social Network Sites can work for friendship, it can also work on a commercial level putting companies and customers together.  Also companies with other companies and customers with other customers, sharing hint on great deals they have found or great products and services.

If you are not already on Facebook or Twitter, nows the time to set up a profile for your company. Using information from your website, setting up a simple profile with your keywords and key information such as your website address, will take minutes. You’ll find them easily through a Google Search, then just follow the steps shown. Once you have your profiles published, click to join Reason8’s network – Next time you login to your website, on the very first page after entering your login details, Find and Click the Twitter Bird. Simply click to select which networks you are part of and click OK. That’s it, we’re connected. Use your profile to promote your business and even highlight up and coming events or offers.

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