Can you be found online?

You could take the most dynamically designed website on the world wide web, and it’ll have  amazing graphics, fun, engaging interactivity, inspiring content and incentives at every click but unfortunately this site is all dressed with no where to go. If you have built a website without effective Search Engine Optimisation its all a bit pointless as no one will be able to find you to see and admire your content! Reason8 Website Builders need not worry though, in fact they could almost sit back with a rather smug grin on their faces as their websites are not only very clever when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation, but are happy to work extremely hard, 24/7 to help you achieve the best position possible on the Search Lists.

How you can give your website a helping hand:

There are a number of ways in which you can give it a helping hand. A good starting tactic is the quality of your content. Try to think of Search Engines as if they were ruthlessly strict Language Teachers with a rigid list of rules, who will happily place a black mark on your test paper if the rules are ignored.

Your Website Content.

As covered in a previous Blog, your content is a vitally important part of your website. Did you know that search engines know how long each customer spends on your site?!
It is one of many indications of how relevant your site is to the customers search query, so try to keep them there as long as possible. Click here to view the Content Blog.


Keywords or Metatags are the words, which your target audience are most likely to type into a search bar when looking online for products or services like yours. Key Phrases are sentences, which include your keywords. Make a list of keywords for your business by thinking of the most obvious words, which are related to what you do. Ask friends or even customers what they would type in when searching for your type of product or service. The next step is to enter these keywords in Step 1 of your website control panel
OFF PAGE Keywords, placed in the background of your website (i.e. Step 1 in your control panel) can be entered as a list and must be completely free of punctuation including comma’s, quote marks or punctuation marks.

Whereas ON PAGE Keywords, featured in your content MUST be featured within well-written sentences. A page with nothing more than a long list of keywords can be marked down so badly that it could cause long term damage to the position achieved in searches.
Excessive use of Repetition or Duplication MUST be avoided both ON or OFF the PAGE.

Step 1 – Control Panel

Go to the bottom of Step 1 and enter your top 6 keywords in the box titled: “Most Important Search Engine Key Phrase”. Using the rest of your keywords, create 4 “Less Important Key Phrases” each containing 6 words. Now write a short paragraph, which includes all your Key Phrases to summarise your website and business. You’ll see some TIPS shown in Red. Its good advice so please do follow them!
Your key Phrases can be changed, but the effects can take a while to show so once you have set them it’s best to leave them. If you change your “Most Important Search Engine Key Phrase”, we would recommend letting us know so we can make sure the Search Engines are aware of your changes.

Step 3 – Page Content. ~

Now don't worry about Step 2, coz I know a few of you have just asked the question ! That’s the Style section, which we’ve covered in previous Blogs and will be looking at again soon but for now we need to go to Step 3 – Webpages. Good to know that you’re all on the ball though!!
In Step 3 in your Control Panel, you’ll see a Google button beside each page. Here you find a Title, Description and a list of keywords. If you already have content on your page, Your Control Panel will have already trawled through your content and selected and placed the best keywords for you. It’s very important that all the words featured here can be found on your pages, so if you add to them or change them, make sure they are present on the page too.
I’ll leave you with that task but tune in to the next Blog when we’ll look at more ways in which you can help your website achieve the best position online. 


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