Keep your Pages Fresh and New.

When you build a website, its vitally important to keep your web pages fresh and new. Search Engines are programmed to notice new information and changes to web pages, so it doesn’t only work to keep your customers interested, it keeps the search engines on their toes too!! Of course as a Reason8 Website Builder, you have the simplest of tools to be able to do this. Your page editor makes it extremely easy to add new images and text as and when you launch new products or introduce new services for your customers.

Add new pages for special offers to keep your customers keen and spending money.  Don’t forget to add an internal link to those pages on your home or primary pages with a short teaser of introduction to encourage your viewers to click through to find out what its all about.. If you have a relevant image, include this in the teaser text and use it to create a secondary link to the same page. There is nothing wrong in giving your viewers a couple of ways to get to your new information.

Don’t forget that every image you add to your pages is tagged with your top key phrase making it even more visible to the search engines so use images with new text information you add.

Keep it Fresh!

You should really be aiming to introduce new information with text and images every month if possible. As you add new information try to include your main keywords and phrases to ensure that the Search Engines pick it up and highlight the new information on your website.

Search Engines such as Google use Sitemaps to see when your website was last updated and how often it changes. Websites which are kept updated and change often are noticed far ahead of website which sit unchanged for long periods of time so keep your primary pages Fresh and New.

If you haven’t already Verified  your website through your control panel do it now! At the top of the left column of buttons in your main control panel window you will see the "Google Verify" button.

Click this and you’ll be offered the choice to either Get a Google Account or go to an existing Google Account. Follow the steps to login or register your account. You’ll then be offered two ways to verify your site; “Add a Meta tag” or the option you need to select – “Upload an HTML file”. Google will then give you the name of a file to upload. Copy this file; go back to the Google Verify window in your control panel, paste in the file name and click Submit. Reason8 will create and submit the file for you. Now go back to Google and click “Verify your site”. Google will then confirm your sites verification.

Your Reason8 website will also create a “Sitemap”. This is basically a detailed map of your site, which also allows Google to see when you make changes to your pages. Reason8 will give you the address for your sitemap, which you then need to give to Google. The address is simply your website address with ” /sitemap.cfm “ on the end.

Now every time you rename, delete, change or create a new page on your website, Reason8 will automatically update your site map and notify Google of your changes.


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