Bullet Points, Lists and Numbers

Prioritising the importance of the information on your web pages can be a tricky one. As a website builder, all your page content is important in its own way so how do you make certain that the various pieces of information on each page are highlighted enough to avoid them being missed. We’ve looked at the various text formats, colours fonts and heading tags but for lists of information, your best option is Bullet Points.

If you have a list of services, prices, dates, times, events, usp’s, special offers, products etc., etc., one of the best ways to make the list stand out is to set them with bullet points. Not only does this prefix each separate line with a “Bullet Point” but it also automatically indents the list from the left side of the page to break its start line away from the standard left margin, which helps to highlight its position.

To set a list in bullet points, simply tab down to a new paragraph and type your list with each item, phrase or point on a separate line / paragraph. Make sure the “Format” is set at “normal” then highlight the whole list and click the Bullet Points button on your editor icon bar.

To widen the spaces between each bullet point, set the whole list  with your bullet points in a heading tag, 1,2 or 3. Once you have set the heading tag, you can still change the format, size, font and colour to suit your page layout.

Dont forget Numbered Lists!

As an alternative to Bullet Points, you can also choose to prefix your list with numbers. If you need to add more lines at the end of your list, simply tab down from the end of the last line and the next number will be entered for you automatically and your cursor placed ready for you to type in the next line.

If you want to position a list with bullet points or numbers elsewhere on your page, i.e, over on the right or in the centre of the page, set your list inside a single line, single column table, which is centre or right aligned as required.


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