Selling Digital Goods Part 2

When you build an E-commerce website, (Gold or Platinum), you can store and sell Electronic / Digital Goods to be downloaded by customers after you have received payment. Such products might include: E-books, Guides and Manuals, which you might offer in: Text, Word or PDF formats. MPg music tracks, albums, soundbites and podcasts. Digital artwork, icons, fonts and graphics, which you might offer in Jpeg, Gif, and / or Png formats.

Thanks very much for joining us again for Part 2, which is looking at Electronic / Digital Goods for Sale. I hope you completed the Steps in Part 1 without any trouble and have successfully added your digital item to your shopping basket and uploaded the actual file to your website database. 

Now lets move to step 2.

When your customer has paid for his goods he will be re-directed back to the shopping basket where the address of a file to be downloaded will be provided and an email will be sent to him. To make this happen you need to: Add the unique item code, price and location address (which you saved earlier – in Part 1) for each item; write a final checkout message for your customer and set up an automated email.

Step 2. Telling your shopping basket system the address of each item to be downloaded.

To do this you need to log in to your Mals Ecommerce Control Panel (at Lets assume you’ve already activated and initialised your shopping basket. If not, click here to view the tutorial.

Lets take it Step by Step

1) Add the list of codes, addresses and prices for each item.

 Once you have logged into your mal’s e-commerce account using the username and password emailed to you when you switched on your shopping basket, click cart setup >under Advanced Settings > PRODUCTS FOR DOWNLOAD.

Add the unique code, price and the location (address) for each item you wish to offer as a post-purchase download. (the code and price must be identical to those entered in the shopping basket wizard in your website control panel).
In order to make things as simple as possible for your customers, you can provide them with a quick clickable link to their download item rather than them having to copy and paste the address into their browser. Do this by clicking Edit next to each link and surrounding the Location Link with the following HTML Code :

<a target="_blank" href="(Location Address)”>Click here to download your Item</a>

so that the Link looks like this: <a target="_blank" href=""> Click here to download your Item </a>
You can replace the word “Item” for a name or description if you wish. 

2) Write a checkout message for your customer

When your customer has paid for the goods he will be redirected back to a final screen that will show a brief message and the Clickable link or address of the item purchased.
To create this message, go to cart setup > Under Customize > OTHER MESSAGES AND GENERAL SETTINGS > scroll to the bottom of the page and you’ll see a section called EXIT MESSAGES.
If you have added the extra code to create a clickable link as shown above, add an exit message such as “Thank you for your order” in the box labelled secure payments.  If you haven’t created a clickable link, add an exit message such as “Thank you for your order, please copy and paste the address below into your Internet Browser to download your item.” Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Submit Changes.

3) Set up an automated email.

You may wish to send your customers an automated email after they have paid to thank them for their purchase and perhaps offer an email address where they can contact you with any queries. To do this: click Cart Setup > under Email Settings > EMAIL CUSTOMER RECEIPTS > complete the fields and click Update Email Record.

 Step 4 - Modify your PayPal account.

Login to your Paypal account. Click "Profile" to display a three column list of options. In the third column headed selling preferences you will see an option called: ‘Website Payment Preferences’. This option, when activated, automatically sends your customer back to the shopping basket where they will be shown the exit message and the address of the item that they have entered. Click this option.
At the top of the page you will now see an option entitled ‘Auto return for website payments’.
Click the ‘on’ button to turn on Auto return.

In the return URL box type the name of the shopping basket server sent to you in the first email by mals ecommerce this might be but please check by reading the email carefully.

Test your system

Create a test item costing 1p. Ask a friend to purchase the item from you using their own paypal account (you cannot buy from yourself). If you have setup your system correctly they should automatically be redirected to a final exit screen displaying your message and the address of the item they have purchased. An email should also be sent to them.

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