Come on in………

If you’ve successfully followed the 4 steps of building your website, give yourself a huge pat on the back for a job very well done. You’ve created your main website pages and added lots of information and images. The design looks good. Your pages are inviting. If you have an Ecommerce website, you will have created your online shop, added all your products, pictures, options, postage costs etc. Your visitors and potential customers have a great choice of products and services to choose from and plenty of ways in which to get in touch with you………….

Is that it? Are you finished?

Well, the truth is that you should never stop working on your website, which is one of the real benefits of your Reason8 Website Editor. It means you can develop and update your website pages whenever you need to, rather than having to wait weeks for someone else to do it for you and then receiving a big bill for they're time.

Take advantage of this ease of access and keep your shop up to date with new and exciting stock. Add new information now and then to keep your pages fresh and inviting and more importantly to keep both the search engines and customers interested. Add new pages for any special offers you may be offering at different times of the year. There is plenty you can do to help your website continue to work as hard as possible for you. You wouldn’t take on a new member of staff, train them up and then abandon them would you?

One thing you can do when all your pages and products are in place and ready to go, is tie it all together. Creating links within your content to your other pages and items and groups within your shopping basket will make a huge difference in bringing visitors further into your website.

Your home page is of course the first thing people see and so should offer several doors into other parts of your site. You should have enough information to briefly introduce who you are and what you do on your home page. Within this text you should also name a few of the products and services you have on offer and so why not use these names and turn them into doors!

Highlight any words or names, which relate to the products and services you offer and create links to relevant pages, shop items or groups.

Highlight the text you have chosen for your Internal link...

To link to a page – click the Yellow Insert Link icon > Webpage > Internal Webpage > Webpage > Choose a page from the drop down menu.

To link to a Group of Shopping Basket Items – click the Yellow Insert Link icon > Webpage > Internal Webpage > Group > Choose a Group from the drop down menu.

To link to a specific item in your shopping basket – click the Yellow Insert Link icon > Webpage > Internal Webpage > Item > Choose an item from the drop down menu.

Each link you create will be clearly shown on the page by underlining, adding bold and often changing the colour of the text involved.

One last tip is to make sure you have a Contact Us link on every page if you don’t have one built into your website header. To set a link to your contact page, place and highlight some text such as: “Contact Us” then got to Insert Link > Webpage > Internal Webpage > Webpage > choose “Contact Us page“ from drop down menu and there you have it. Visitors can easily click back and forth throughout your site now and can get hold of you if and when they need to at every turn.

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