Everyone loves a bargain!

The Internet has been marked as the fastest growing retail zone ever, so its vital that you offer the deals and incentives, which will ensure your best share of the increased online spend. Retailers who put the effort into expanding and improving their presence online will most certainly reap the benefits during the festive trading season.  Build a Website and include features which will encourage maximum response especially during the big shopping seasons.

For price-conscious shoppers searching online for a great deal, the discovery of a discounted item, money off coupon or free postage deal is a guaranteed rush of adrenaline and it can often be the final incentive needed to justify the purchase.

Lets have a look at Free Postage Vouchers and how and why you would use them?
They are without doubt one of the most effective purchase incentives for online shoppers. Customers have already accepted the fact that they need to make a purchase from you in order to save money by taking advantage of your great deal, so they’re already on the right track! If you have a competitor with similar products at similar prices, free postage can make all the difference.

Some companies are offering free postage throughout October / November to encourage Christmas shoppers. You could offer Free Postage Vouchers for customers to use with their next order as a thank you for their custom.
Offer Free Postage to customers who have recommended a friend. And indeed don’t forget the friend – now a NEW customer for you, as a welcome gift.

It really is up to you how and when you offer Free Postage but make sure it generates the maximum number of sales possible and encourages future business.  Sounds Great, but how do I offer Free Postage to my customers?

How to offer Free Postage to ALL your customers.

You’ll need to log into your Mals Ecommerce account. Click on the following link - http://www.mals-e.com/ Sign in to your account your Username and Password. (Username is normally an 8 digit number beginning with 6 - There is a “Forgotten Password” link if you’re not sure where you’ve saved them).

Next Click on Cart Setup > Tax and Shipping > Shipping.
In the Shipping calculations window, simply check the circle next to Option 1: Fixed Value and leave the box blank. The system will automatically enter 0.000. This will ensure that your cart still requests a shipping address etc and will show the shipping at 0.00 at the checkout so customers can clearly see the money they are saving.

Now lets add a line to emphasize and clearly explain the Free Postage offer. In Cart Setup, click on “Customise” > “Other messages and general settings”. Make sure Shipping Address – “Ask for Shipping Address” is ticked. Under “Shipping Message”, enter a message to explain the Zero Postage amount, such as: “Christmas Early Bird Offer – Free Postage on all orders throughout October & November”. Click update at the bottom of the page. Now check to see if everything is working correctly by clicking “View Your Shopping Cart”

That’s it, all done. Your customers can now enjoy Free Postage and will hopefully make the most of it by ordering more from you or even better, ordering from you rather than one of your competitors.

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