Making the most of your Professional Email Address

When you build a website with Reason8, one of the major benefits is that you can use your own domain name or website address – Many website hosting companies offer websites which sit on subdomains and your website address would end up being something like, which from a marketing point of view is not great. When it comes to promoting your company, you need to portray as professional an image as possible to make the best first impression. Having your own domain is vital in so many ways. Just as important, is having a professional email address such as This means that when potential clients contact you they’re emailing an address directly associated with your domain name. A professional email address will offer customers far more reassurance than an email address such as Every business website with Reason8 includes at least one Professional Email Address as standard.

You can in fact have as many email addresses as you like with a Reason8 website. All the professional emails we provide are forwarding emails. You could have:,,, etc., etc., In fact you can have whatever prefix you need. This means you can easily manage the responses and enquiries you receive by directing certain email enquiries to the relevant departments.

What is email forwarding?

Email forwarding is the simplest way to have a professional email address without the constraints of limited storage space and use. Email forwarding passes email from one address to another. An Email forwarding service automatically forwards all mail received at one of your forwarding professional address to another address, such as your main existing email, which is most commonly provided by an internet provider. I.e. might be forwarded to or or you may have set up This allows you to have several professional email addresses while keeping your main email address private, and it enables you to collect all your mail in one place.

Why Change Your Email Reply Address?

If you’re using the email forwarding service provided by Reason8, then you’ll want your email replies to show your professional forwarding address instead of your "real" address. It’s actually quite simply to do this. The email reply address simply tells the recipient how to write back to you. You can actually set your reply address to whatever you want. If you really wanted to, you could even set it to something like!! This could well confuse your customers though so it’s probably best to set it to match your professional email address.

For example, if your real email address was but you were using a forwarding address of, you would want your email reply to show That way when people replied to you, and more importantly, when they put you in their address book, they would use your forwarding email address. You can easily set this up by using Outlook or Outlook Express.

How to set your Reply Email address

These steps only work for Outlook, Outlook Express and Windows Mail but if you’re using different email software, the support team for that software should be able to tell you how to change your email reply address.

First - open your Outlook, Outlook Express or Windows Mail program. (You should already have set up your main email to run in whatever program you are using)
Click on "Tools" > "Accounts" > "Mail Tab". Then click on your default mail account to highlight it and click on "Properties".
On the General Tab under "User Information", the "Name" is the name that will show in the reply address. You can change this if you wish – you could even enter your company name.
Under "User Information", the "E-mail address" is the reply address that will be used as your from or reply address. This is where you change your reply address to your professional forwarding email address.
Under "User Information", the "Reply address" is provided if you want your "From" address and your "Reply" address to be different. We recommend not using this feature. Instead, place your reply address in the "E-mail address" box.
Now click OK. You have now changed the address that will show as the From address when you send an email and that will be used as a Reply address when someone clicks Reply. That's it, that’s all there is to it!

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