Special Offers and Events

Following on from yesterdays Blog, where we looked at using the speed and flexibility of your website editor to make the most of any special offers, seasonal products, short term discounts, events, open days, new products, special services etc., etc. If you've taken the time to build a website, why not make sure it can help you to take advantage of every possible marketing opportunity. Apart from capitalizing on the extra income these offers and events can generate, it can also help your position on the search engines. Search Engines love to see new information and regular changes to the content on your web pages so by including this ever changing information on your website, it’ll keep the search engines interested as well as your customers.

We looked at the benefits of creating specific pages for all your special offers or seasonal events but why not go one step further and create special offer items in your shopping basket. Allow people to react on their impulses and buy them there and then. Finding a bargain is a real treat, and customers can be on a high, even feeling excited by the great deal they’ve just found so why let that excitement slip away? Whether you’re selling actual products or services or even tickets to a special event, capitalize on bargain impulses and offer your customers the option there and then to take advantage of this great opportunity to save money!

 You could create a new group of items in your shopping basket for your Special Offers and events and in just the same way that you can hide and reveal pages, you can hide and reveal Groups and Items as and when required.

Special Offers can be revealed and hidden in seconds!  

If you don’t already have a shopping basket built into your website, you can add one really easily by pressing the Add a Shopping Basket button in the left column of your main control panel window. Click here to see how. And when you consider how much extra revenue you could generate with just your special offers alone, its hard to understand why it will only cost you an extra fiver a month! Well… if your customers are getting some great bargains, it only seems fair that you should too!
There are a few Blogs, which go into more detail on how to set up items and groups in your shopping basket but lets look at some basics and how to move, hide and reveal your items and groups.

You could create a new Group, for all your Special Offers and Seasonal Events. You can of course create as many groups as you need to suit the items you’re discounting. By grouping relevant items together you can keep them all hidden until you need them. You could even move existing items into the new Offers group and edit them to feature the new lower price. To move items: Go to Step 4 > Open the Group where the item is currently, Click Edit above the item and in the last option before the description box, “In Group” choose the new group from the drop down menu. Don’t forget, you can always move it back again after the discount period has finished if you need to.

Alternatively, if you wish to keep your discounted items in an existing group, you could simply hide and reveal individual items when you need to. To do this go to Step 4 > Settings > Item Settings > Find the item and in the column marked “Show Item” choose yes or no accordingly.

If your discounted items are all together in one special group, hide the standard button for the group and then you can create a more prominent link to the items individually from your pages or you could provide customers with a link to a whole group as and when required. To hide the standard button for the group you’ve created, go to Step 4 > Settings > Group Setting > Find your new group and in the column marked “Show Button” > Choose no. If you’ve created a specific page for your special offers or event, then place the link there. Alternatively you could just add a line of text or even a short paragraph with an image briefly explaining the offer on one of your primary pages and set the link from there.
Go to the web page where your link is to be set. Select the text or image and click the Yellow Insert Link icon > Webpage > Internal Webpage > choose Item or Group then select the item or group from the drop down menu.

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