WYSIWYG – What You See is What You Get

We've already mentioned that Search Engines love to see new information and regular changes to the content on your web pages. Many business owners have websites, where, to have even the smallest amendment made, they need to contact their Website Design Company, explain what changes they need and then wait until their request can be fit into the busy schedules of the company’s web designers. Quite often by the time the change has been made, its too late. If however, you build a website with Reason8, you’ll have no such problem! Simply log in, make your changes and Click Save. WYSIWYG!

Suppose you want to run a special offer for a couple of weeks or have just heard about a relevant event, which has given you a great idea for a marketing push. You haven’t got time to wait several weeks! The event may well have been and gone by then. You need to get the details of your special offer on your pages instantly, which is why your Reason8 Editor is so helpful. All the changes you make are LIVE as soon as you click SAVE. Our business customers don’t have to wait, they demand speed and instant changes. We have a dedicated network of fibre optic lines that allows massive bursts of data to flow without any bottlenecks. You never have to worry about your Reason8 website being able to cope with the extra traffic.We want you to be successful and promise you a technically future-proof solution. You don’t have to ‘upload’ your changes. What you see on screen is what you get (WYSIWYG) on your website.  Your customers are aware of the new offers immediately and can start responding straight away.

Make the most of Special Offers or Events

One of the easiest ways to highlight and manage new offers, special seasonal discounts, events, open days, new products, special services etc., etc., is to create a specific page or even different pages for different offers. You could set aside certain areas of the page with boxes or tables of information to make it easier to update regularly. Remember to link to your special offers page from your home and primary pages with an inviting and highlighted text link.

Click Here For this Months Special Offers…

One great time saving tip, if you have the pages available, is to create specific pages for any recurring special offers or events. You may have a regular Christmas Discount Offers, If you're in the Hospitality industry you may run Christmas and New Year Parties, Lunches and Dinners every year. To save time creating your seasonal offers pages from scratch every year, simply hide the offers page button from the navigation bar when the offer is no longer relevant and keep it in your page library until you next need it. You can still access your page to edit it in Step 3, to make any minor changes required but the bulk of the information will already be there.  This will save you loads of time to concentrate on things like making sure you have enough stock ready!!

If you do need extra pages to do this, don't forget, they're only 50p each per month! Simply add more pages from your control panel by clicking the Upgrade button - Add more pages.

To create and reveal a new special offer page – Click Step 3 > New Page > Enter your Title > Choose a layout to work from > Start Editing. Remember to Save your new page and then when you’re ready to reveal it go back to Step 3 > Organise Pages > then simply grab and drag your new page using your mouse from the green left column (Your Web Pages) and drop it into whatever position you’d like it to appear over in the blue right column (Navigation Menu).

Once the event or offer is finished – To Hide your page until the next time it’s needed: go to Step 3 > Organise Pages > highlight the page in the blue right column (Navigation Menu) and click the remove button. Don’t worry, this doesn’t delete the page, it just removes the button for the page from the navigation Bar on your website. Click Save, then Goto Test your website and you’ll see that the button has gone. The page is then ready and waiting to be edited and revealed for the next offer or event you plan.

Special Offers and Events can be revealed and hidden in seconds!

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