Is your Domain working hard enough?

When you first start thinking about a business website, one of the first things many people consider is the Website Address or Domain. A surprising number of business owners take the first step in buying their domain but then don’t get round to sorting out a website to point it to! That domain is then sitting there doing nothing, wasting money, when it could be working hard at marketing and promoting your business.
You can build a website with Reason8 whether you have a domain or not. You can transfer an existing domain or you can search for a new domain – either way you can rest assured that on our system, its going to be working very hard indeed.

I already have a website…..!

There are a surprisingly huge number of business owners with existing websites and domains on other systems, who end up moving over to Reason8. The most common reasons that we hear are: 

their current website doesn’t perform well enough.

the website doesn’t look very professional and so doesn't portray their business in the best light.

they have to wait for weeks at a time and pay someone else lots of money to update their content because they don’t have access to do it themselves.

And the most common of all – business owners have ended up with a website with little or no Search Engine Optimisation and so they cannot be found online!

You work ridiculously hard on your business… so why shouldn’t your website?

Why not have a look at how it all works by taking a free trial. Even if you only have a few minutes spare, you can set up a trial website with your company name and contact details. Choose a look for your website with one of the templates available. Add pages, text and images. You can even add items for sale online. Over the next 14 days, if you like what you see, simply decide whether you need to transfer an existing domain or search for a new one. Choose the best package for your business and then we’ll get to work on making your domain work as hard as it possible can for your business.


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