build a websiteMore Than One Website?

Many business owners and website builders don’t just have the one website for their online company these days, but quite often there are several websites associated with one company. Different websites specialising in certain areas of a multi-faceted business can offer many benefits to customers, internet users and business owners alike.


What are the benefits of more than one website?

Firstly, if a business has several strings to its bow or targets very different markets, then specific websites looking after certain areas of a company can make the process of finding what customers are looking for far simpler.

More detailed information can be included on specifically designed websites when the product list is more exclusive and specific without overloading the web pages too much. Information such as; background history, feedback, product history, unique sales points, incentives, qualifying information, motivational data etc., etc. A website with too much information on too many types of products is too much for the average internet user to take in.

Having more than one website means having more than one domain benefitting from Reason8’s extensive and ongoing Search Engine Optimisation expertise. Also by linking the websites together each website is individually attracting traffic and driving it to and from the other associated sites. It’s a bit like having an enormous fishing net and then sharing the catch!

To link external websites together:

build a websiteChoose where on your sites you will feature the link to your other site(s) and open the editor on that page. Type an introduction to the link or simply the company name or you could even add a logo image for that division or your sister company if you have one. Highlight the text / select the image then click the yellow Insert Link button. Choose webpage > external webpage > enter the website address of the other website > choose yes for “Open in a New Window” click Add to website.

As an extra boost and to secure closely matched domains, you could have more than one domain pointing at one website. You are protecting your domain by securing similar ones, such as, the .com, .net, .info etc, versions of your domain (if they haven’t already been taken, of course!) and it gives internet browsers more chance to find you and helps more potential customers become active customers. Domain names still only cost around £3 a year for a and around £10 a year for a .com or a .net. You can take advantage of them being so cheap to secure other domains for your website.

Internet users can find your website by entering keywords or a key phrase into their internet browser address bar rather than using their search engine’s search bar – this is called Type-in Traffic. It can be very beneficial to secure multiple domain names that describe your business in different ways and feature your different top key words. As an example, if a company sells lollipops; their primary domain may be but they can attract type-in traffic from other domains such as:,, etc., etc.

You can search for additional domain names through your control panel. Just click the “Upgrade - Add New Features” button on the left, then click “Register another Domain Name” and use the search bar to see what’s available.

Keywords are the backbone of every successful website.

To build a website which performs well on the search engines it’s essential to understand what words people are typing into Google to find your product or service. These words are called keywords and if used correctly are the singularly most important aspect of optimising your website.
For your website to be found on the search engines for certain words those words need to be found within the content of your website. But before you begin you need to know what those words are.  This may seem obvious but there is no point in talking about Photovoltaic cells on your website if your clients are typing in solar panels. They may be the same thing but your site will only come up if your site uses the language of your users.

Keyword Research

The first stage of building or updating your website should be to carry out keyword research. It’s essential that you should consider the following.

  • What is your competition being found for?
  • What would others such as friends and family and clients type to find your product or service?
  • Use Google keyword Tool to get an estimate of how many searches are performed for your keywords.

Using keywords on your page

Next you need to think about how those keywords sit in relation to your pages. For example you should consider using the more general keywords along with your location on your home page. Then create specialist pages to house the more specialist content and keywords

For example

Home                                 -    Cleaner Barnsley, Cleaners in Barnsley, Cleaning in Barnsley
Carpet Cleaning               -    Carpet Cleaners, Carpet cleaning, Carpet Cleaners Barnsley
Commercial Cleaners    -    Commercial Cleaning, Commercial Cleaners Barnsley

Highlighting Keywords

Each page should be designated a primary keyword for which you want to b found. This keyword should b included within the title of that specific page. In website terms a title is referred to as a ‘H1’ or main heading. These main headings are very important as Google sees these as containing words you specifically want your users to see.

There are also ‘H2’ and ‘H3’ titles. These can be used to highlight other lesser important keywords.

*It’s important to note that there should ideally only be one of each of the three titles used on each page. They should also be proper tiles to ensure they still have value to your clients.


Meta Information

What is Meta information? Its information that you provide Google with which helps them to determine what your page it about.  However it’s important when you are giving this Meta information to Google that it ties in with what’s actually on the page. If it doesn’t Google will likely disregard it and you’ll get no benefit from having provided it.

Meta Description – Short description of the content of your page which is usually approximately 2 lines long.

Meta keywords – List of keywords you feel are relevant to your page. However due to abuse Google rarely uses these making them all but redundant.

Meta Title – Keyword rich title for your page.

This information will often be used to create the ad which shows in the search listings so it’s important that you give it good consideration if you want Google to use your version.

At Reason8 we always recommend spending time getting your keywords right. There is nothing worse than realising months down the line you’ve missed something out which has significantly affected your traffic.


(Search Engine Optimisation)

There was a time when you could build a website and with minimal effort your pages would be found and business would be flooding in.  With the Internet now containing an estimated 4 billion WebPages how do you ensure yours get found amongst the competition? This is where SEO comes in.

SEO, or search engine optimisation is the art of understanding how search engine such as Google Bing and Yahoo order their pages. If you can understand their current criteria you can ensure that your website matches what they are looking for as closely as possible. As a result you have a greater chance of your site beating the competition, driving more traffic, and therefore business to your website.


When it comes to your website images are everything

“An Image says a thousand words”

This has never been truer than when building your MLAwebsite. A couple of beautiful strategically placed images can mean everything when trying to maintain the attention of your viewers. This is particularly true when the image is of your product.

There is nothing more off putting than a distorted or blurred image. It’s an immediate turn off and you can seriously damage your internet reputation.

But it’s an easy problem to rectify with these simple steps:


Let there be Snow !

Love it or hate it you can't get away from the fact that Christmas is just around the corner. <!--

Here at Reason8 we are getting in the festive spirit, dusting off the decorations and digging out our Santa hats. So we thought we'd help our clients get in the festive mood too, by giving everyone a 'White Christmas'

Our techies have taken some time out from the serious stuff of website building and have turned their hand to making snow.

You can now add falling snowflakes to your website with the flip of a switch. So if you want to ensure your website has a White Christmas Click Here  

build a websiteHelp & Support

Your Tutorial Blogs collection have been created to help you get the most from your Reason8 website builder. The Blogs offer step-by-step guides on almost every aspect, function, ability and feature, which you can find in your control panel. If you get stuck with anything when you build a website with Reason8 you can either look through the tutorials or you could check out your very own User Guide.


build a websiteMore Than One Website?

Many business owners and website builders don’t just have the one website for their online company these days, but quite often there are several websites associated with one company. Different websites specialising in certain areas of a multi-faceted business can offer many benefits to customers, internet users and business owners alike.


Adding a Blog Page to your website. 

build a websiteLots of Reason8 website builders have been asking about adding a blog / forum facility to their websites. If you run an online business, which would benefit from having an open communication channel / forum, message board or Blog page then fear not. It’s not as difficult as you think to add one. Reason8 websites are built with compatibility in mind and work really well with external systems to provide a multi facility site.


build a websiteKeeping it Fresh with the Seasonal Events

If you’ve used the reason8 Website Builder to build a stunning website for your business, well done! You’ve created that all important online presence for your business and now customers both new and old can find you online and get access to all your information, products, services and contact details. Your websites control panel also makes it really simple for you to keep your customers both new and old informed of seasonal discounts, news, special offers and new products and services on offer.


build a websiteOnline and On Paper - Brand awareness. 

Whether you already have a website or are still planning to build a website. Reason8 have some amazing new designs to help you create a stunning website to portray your business in the best possible light. A new design or redesign for your website will attract the attention and response you want and provide the best possible first impression to new internet users and new potential customers. These new designs can not only be used on your website but could also be the basis of any marketing and brand awareness you create.


Gadgets for your website 

build a websiteThere are thousands of Gadgets available, which you can add to your website to make your webpages more interesting and useful to your visitors. You can add your area’s temperature or weather guide, horoscopes or even include a game to encourage visitors to come on to your site regularly and repeatedly and spend time on your pages. As a website builder, by giving more to your visitors, you will encourage them to take the time to browse your pages to see what you are offering and make a visit to your site both fun and informative. You should of course make sure that the main products and services you are offering take centre stage but offering additional incentives can increase traffic, make visitors come back to your site regularly and keep visitors with you for longer.


Catering for Mobile Customers

build a websiteWhen you build a website for your business, it won’t just be viewed on a desktop or laptop computer. These days, it will more frequently and more likely to be viewed on a mobile phone. The IPhone, no longer a unique mobile office, has quickly been joined by a huge choice of smart phones nearly all of which offer internet access and good quality website viewing ability.


build a websiteAdd more Gates and Footpaths
for your Site Visitors.

Building a website for your business starts with your home page where you include enticing information, inviting images and a clear idea of what the rest of your site offers. Once you have done this you could merely rely on the normal navigation bar buttons to allow visitors to click through to other pages but a little more persuasion is always a good idea. Creating links through to specific pages with inviting statements or invitations will encourage more people to go further into your site, which is exactly what you want to achieve.


build a websitePositioning Images with Titles / Captions

The images you place on your website pages work very hard for you in a number of ways. Not only do they add aesthetics to the design of a page but they also offer descriptive and informative benefits too. Making sure they look their best on your pages, are of the best possible quality and are working as hard as they possible can is very important when you build a website.


Images on your Web Pages 

build a websiteWhen you build a website and start placing images on your pages amidst all your text content, there are several ways in which you can make sure your images look their best. You have a great choice of flexible standard options within your Image Insert / Image Properties window. The settings in “Size”, “Position”, “Border” and “Space Around” can be used in a myriad of combinations to create all sorts of effects and styles for your images and text. Using these settings to their best advantage can all help to ensure that your text and images work together to keep visitors to your website interested and to make sure that your pages are a pleasure to view and read.


build a websiteMore Reasons to put your business online. 

There are so many reasons why you should have a website for your business in today’s technological climate and a few of them are set out below for you. Build a website for your business and you create a cost-effective way for you to communicate with both potential and existing clients and it can widen your horizons to a global community. The benefits are endless and when weighed up against very reasonable costs, its a must have for any business, whatever the size.


Why do I need a website?

build a websiteIn today’s technological climate where the internet is by far the most dominant market medium, it is surprising that many businesses do not yet have an online presence. Many of these businesses have considered getting a website but have hesitated for a number of reasons including; assumptions of high cost, insufficient technical ability, assumptions that building a website is a huge, complicated task??? Reason8 website builders of course know otherwise and have produced stunning websites with impressive functionality with ease. For those who have yet to discover this quick and easy website building experience, let’s look at some of the reasons  - “Why businesses should have a website?”


Using clickable email addresses.

build a websiteThere are large number of internet users who use web based email rather than standard windows email programs such as Outlook Express or Windows Mail. Sometimes these web based email systems have not been configured as the computers default email client and so will not react to clickable email links. Such people are therefore unable to use clickable email links from websites, which can be a problem for website builders. If you have customers who have experienced this problem, you can advise them that it is quite simple to set up their web based email as their “default email programme” on their computer so that when they click an email link, a new message window will open from their normal email system, allowing them to quickly and easily send emails.


Using your Website Email Address

build a websiteAs part of all business website packages with Reason8, you are provided with a forwarding email address using your own domain name. For example, if your domain name is you will be given an email address with your website such as or In fact, when you build a website with Reason8, you can pick whatever prefix you want for your email address. Using your professional email address both on your website and on any literature you produce will portray your company in a professional way and will help to create a good first impression. If you didn’t already have a professional email address with your domain, you may have been using a personal email address. In this blog we will show you how to set up your email program to display your email address when clients reply to you.


New Header Designs Available!

build a websiteIf you need to build a website for your business and want a professional looking design, which you can create in a matter of minutes, then look no further! Reason8 website builders have been discovering the amazing new Template Builder facility, which provides all the tools necessary to create a professional looking website quickly and easily.  You can literally create your header and website design in minutes and there are now even more design choices to ensure you find a look that perfectly suits your business.


What is SEO and how do Reason8 websites perform so well?

build a websiteSEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the process by which Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing create the search lists, which appear once an internet user has typed in certain keywords relating to the product, person, company or service that they are looking for. When you build a website, Reason8 uses amazing technology developed through years of research to help you create search engine friendly websites, which make it very easy for search engines to find your website when matching sites to searches.


Shopping Cart Management 

build a websiteManaging the stock in your online shop is an ongoing task and having a flexible system is vital to make your life easier. Once you have built a website and added all your shopping basket items, you have constant, easy access to manage the live stock via your flexible Reason8 Shopping Basket Wizard. Your wizards includes options to move, edit or even temporarily hide items as and when required. All these changes can be made in seconds too so your customers won't be kept waiting to see your new and exciting stock!


Getting response from website visitors

build a websiteOnce you’ve built a website for your business, the main objective of your website is to generate response from internet users and visitors. Your Reason8 website makes sure that your contact page is your main priority as you will enter your contact details in step one of your control panel. There are however a number of alternative ways to encourage your website visitors to make contact with you.


Template Builder – Header Links

build a websiteThe NEW Template Designer offers all the flexibility and tools required to design your own professional website header and background. Your website header is a great place to include links to your primary website pages, login page and contact pages. This tutorial shows you how to include such links and will help you to make sure you include the important ones when you build a website.


Links and Buttons

build a websiteSome Reason8 website builders have recently asked about how to create 2 different kinds of links on their websites: External links from the Navigation Menu buttons and also creating a Login button from their website headers. Creating straight forward links using the Reason8 page editor and template builder is very simple. Creating an external link from a menu button is a little more technical so we’ll look at both of these issues now.


Adding drop shadow to your images.

build a websiteAdding drop shadow to core images on your primary pages can add depth and life to your pages. From a website builders’ point of view aswell as visitors, it makes images far more aesthetically pleasing than just a straight image with a simple line border. You can add shadow to images in your header now too with Reason8’s amazing new template builder. But how do you add them to your website pages? You can use a selection of free image editing programmes available online including or professional image editing programmes including Paint Shop, Adobe, etc., etc.


Online Shopping

build a websiteIf you built a website with Reason8 for your online ecommerce business then exciting times are afoot. With Reason8’s addictive penchant for development, it’s no surprise that the shopping basket wizard was next in line for a facelift. As these exciting developments get under way, we would very much appreciate some suggestions and feedback from you. Tell us what features and improvements you would like to see. Click our comments link below to send your suggestions.


Optimising your Website Pages - Summary 2 

build a websiteIn our last tutorial we looked at a Search Engine Optimisation summary so that you’ll know how to get the best performance when you build a website for your business with Reason8. Reason8 know an awful lot about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and in fact, your whole website has been built with search engines in mind. Many of the parts of your website both in the fore and background work hard 24/7 to make sure the search engines can see the keywords within your website and match them to the keywords entered by potential customers as they search for businesses like yours. Below are some more key steps to optimising your Reason8 website to its full potential.


Optimising your Website Pages - Summary

build a websiteWhen you build a website for your business, getting found online is paramount. You’ll be glad to know that Reason8 are extremely good at Search Engine Optimisation and in fact, your whole website has been built with search engines in mind. Many aspects of your website both visible and in the background are working hard to make sure search engines can see your keywords and therefore your online business. Here are some key steps to optimising your Reason8 website.


Associations, Organisations and Links

build a websiteMany online businesses, whether e-commerce or not, will have connections to associations, organisations, colleges, suppliers, affiliates, qualification providers etc. While you build a website, it can add authority and strength to your message to feature logos of all these connections. You can create links from logo images to the websites of these connections, which is a great way to obtain incoming links to your website from these connections. Reciprocal links can benefit all parties and are well worth a little time.


Make the most of your images. 

build a websiteWhen you build a website for your business, one of the first things you’ll need to organise are your images. Whether you have access to professional photography provided by a supplier or are using your own photography, the quality of your images is very important. Internet users will judge you and your products based on the images they see on your website pages and so the better the quality, the better the impression you give to those potential customers. 


Create a Facebook Page and "Like" button for your website.

build a websiteIn the last Tutorial we look at the marketing benefits, which social networking sites such as Facebook have to offer business when they build a website. With millions of potential new clients just a click away it really is worth tapping into this community to promote your business and advertise your website address. Today we’ll look at how to creat an advertising page for your business and then how to create a “LIKE” button for both your profile and your website.


Boost your Business with a Facebook Profile 

build a websiteHow would you react if you were told you could easily tap into a potential new audience of millions of internet users, who are just a click away from your website?! Complicated? Expensive, Technically tricky? NO! It’s actually very simple and completely FREE!


An Incredible choice of images for you to use!

build a websiteReason8’s new Website Template designer has one aim – to be the best template builder online! One way in which it is achieving this are with the vast amount of images available to website builders to use within their new website headers. WHATEVER your trade or business type, there are high quality images available to help you create the best possible header and introduction to your business website. “I haven’t got any decent pictures…..” is no longer an excuse or reason not to have a website for your online business. 


Getting Artistic with your images.

build a websiteIn our last tutorial, we looked at how to prepare images when building a website using the free online image editing programme called DrPic. Click here to view the other tutorials. Today we’ll look at some of the more artistic options and settings available in this programme to help you prepare the best possible images for your pages. Images are by far one of the most important components of your website pages. Vital not only to display the products or services you are providing but they also add colour and interest to your pages. When a more artistic look is required DrPic can help you achieve this with some cool artistic effects.


Working with Website Images - DrPic

build a websiteIn our last tutorial, we looked at how to prepare images for your website using a free online image editing programme called DrPic. Today we’ll continue to look at the options and settings available in this programme to help you prepare the best possible images for your pages. Images are by far one of the most important components of your website pages. Images are vital to display the products or services you are providing. They help create a first impression for your company and the people involved to internet users and they add that all important colour and interest to your pages. The quality of your images is vitally important and as a website builder you need to make sure you are using the best possible images available. An image editing programme can help you do this.


Editing Images for your website

build a websiteWhen you build a website, one of the most important parts of each and every page are the images. You’ll use images to show the products or services you provide, to create an impression of your company and the people involved, to grab internet users attentions or simple to add colour, interest  and life to a page of text. The quality of your images is vitally important. Rightly or wrongly, potential customers WILL JUDGE YOU based on the quality of the images you use, especially the images of the products and services you are providing. If you use grainy, low resolution images, which are pixilated, out of focus or just plain bad quality, they will reflect the quality of the products and services you provide and can actually discourage potential customers from doing business with you.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Yearbuild a website

It’s Christmas Eve and we would like to wish all Reason8 website builders a Very Merry Christmas and An Enormously Successful New Year!! We hope you’ve found this collection of tutorials helpful and that they have enabled you to get the very most from your incredibly versatile Reason8 Website. If you get stuck while building a website using the Reason8 system, you should be able to find a tutorial to show you how to solve your problems or achieve your website goals.


Quick and Easy Seasonal Marketing

build a websiteWith thousands more people online than normal coming up to Christmas and into the New Year, it’s a great opportunity for website builders to do a bit of promotion. Why not take advantage of this eager and quite frankly – “frantically driven” audience while you can – everyone else seems to at this time of year! generate. It’s the perfect time to generate a bit of word of mouth promotion and is also a time to make sure that when this new burst of internet users find you online that they don’t forget you and better still - keep you handy!!


Maze or Menu?

build a websiteWhen you’ve attracted the attention of internet users, encouraging them to click further into your website is a huge priority when you've built a website. One way to do this is to make the website very easy to navigate. Making your visitor feel confident that he or she will be able to find what they are looking for quickly and easily will ultimately help lead to sales and bookings. Simple to view, easy on the eye menu pages do exactly this and they also show visitors a good idea of what you have on offer straight away so tempting them in to have a closer look!.


More Font Choices for your Website Header

build a websiteA new and exciting collection of fonts has recently been added to Reason8’s Template Builder! The best thing about using a website builder system which is under constant improvement and development is that you will always have a great choice of up to the minute styles, effects and features at your fingertips! Reason8 tirelessly makes sure that the new Template Builder is one of the best design systems available online! And for you - the designer, it means that your toolbox is constantly being improved and added to. If you could wrap it up and put it under your tree, it really would be one of the best Christmas presents ever.


Choices, Choices, Choices……………….

build a websiteIt may not seem possible but building a website just got even easier with Reason8! The new, fun, friendly and inspiring home page offers all the information you need and some simple choices. You can browse through the new collection of pre-designed templates  or go straight into designing your own website header using the host of amazing tools and options. Whichever option you choose, Reason8’s new Template builder has made “building a professional business website” something which anyone, and we mean anyone, can enjoy and accomplish with pride!


Not Just a Pretty Face!! 

build a websiteReason8 has recently launched a brand new look to its website. Fun and Colourful, Clean and Tidy, Simple to Use, Easy to Navigate - the new design presents an inviting door to what is one of the cleverest website builder systems online today!  If you’ve ever wanted to design your own website but didn’t have the time to learn complicated software then you’ll love our amazing website builder tool kit. The new home page offers endless fun ways to start designing. Sit and watch the introduction or flick forward to the information you need.


Christmas Shopping Online

build a websiteLook at the current online market, it’s all very positive for website builders with online shops. We’ve also been warned that it’s set to be a long hard winter and so many more people will be doing their last minute Christmas Shopping online this year rather than braving the snow and ice covered high streets. So now is the time to give your shopping basket a good check over to make sure it’s all working smoothly. Your Shopping Basket needs to run smoothly and provide your customers with lots of enticing information and all the options available to encourage them to click “Add to Basket”!


New Browser on the Block

build a websiteMicrosoft launched a sneak preview Beta version of the long awaited Internet Explorer 9 in mid September and it’s now available for download! “Play in a more beautiful web” are the promises but what’s it really like? Website Builders have been asking several questions.....Should I download it? Will it cause problems with existing software?


Template Design Backgrounds 

build a websiteMany Reason8 website builders will have discovered the amazing new Template Builder facility by now and hopefully you have enjoyed using the system and have created some amazing designs for your website. To help you, here are some suggestions for Design Ideas.


Design your Website using your Existing Business Identity.

build a websiteWhen you start to think about building a website for your business, one of the first things you need to consider is its look and feel. What colours to use? What images to use? What company logo, slogan, information etc. If you already have a business, brand or corporate image, and have used this on existing literature, leaflets and advertising, then the best thing you can do is to copy that look and information into your website. Maintaining corporate or brand awareness is vital if you want to help people remember you. Reason8’s Template Builder is so flexible that it can help you to recreate that all important look into your website.


build a websiteNorton Safe Web.

Norton Internet Security remain in the top list of best selling internet security, which means a high percentage of your potential customers use Norton Internet Security to ensure that their internet journeys remain safe. If you are a Website builder, Norton Safe Web can work with you to ensure a safe and smooth ride through your website. It also means that you can get that all important Green Tick of assurance to appear alongside your listing in search engine’s search results. If your competitors in the search lists are still marked with a grey question mark, it’ll be your safe website they choose to come into.


Text Animation for your Website Header. 

build a websiteThe new Website Template Designer from Reason8 can help anyone to build a website, whether you’re a computer whizz or a complete technophobe. The tools and options in this simple to use system are so flexible that you can build a website and design the perfect look for you business. The animation options then allow you bring your website to life to grab the attention of internet users, bringing them into your website to encourage maximum response for your business.


Animate your new header. 

build a websiteReason8’s new Website Template designer not only enables you to build a website and design your own header and background but can even help you to add impact with some clever animation options. There are endless options for colour, style text and images to help you create the perfect look for you business. Bringing it to all life with animation will help grab the attention of internet users and bring them into your website. Let’s look at the animation options for images.


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