Why You Should Never Have Your Website Built By Someone Else

Letting someone else build your website – a primal problem

Since the dawn of the internet, small business owners have always had one thing in common:

They want a good website to help grow their business.

They also want to avoid anyone who might build a bad one for them.

If you have ever heard horror stories of small business owners sending out stacks of cash in return for an unresponsive, typo-ridden, inspiration-lacking website that doesn’t reflect their business at all, then perhaps you have been hiding in a cave for a while, curled up in a ball, not sure how to build a website, but afraid of someone building you a rubbish one.

There can always be a risk of your website being built by someone who doesn’t really understand your business, and doesn’t have much interest in helping you to grow it.

What’s worse is that if your website is all in the hands of some distant, mysterious coder with hundreds of other websites to manage – it means you have no control. You have to call, request a change, and then cross your fingers. You might even be inclined to kneel and pray for the change to made soon so you can let your customers know about a current offer you are running.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Yes, having your website built by someone else can sometimes be a nightmare. But it can also be an absolute dream…

Despite the risks, there is hope. There are companies out there who actually care about your business as well as your website, and they want to help you be even more successful.

There are companies who will take the time to get to know you and your business, what makes you special, and who have the skills in writing and website design to make these qualities shine through.

More Than Just A Website

A website is not just a bunch of text and images on a screen. It should be an online partner, a system that works for you while you focus on other things, which steadily and automatically reaches new customers and helps to grow your business.

There are website building companies out there that understand this, too.

We could mention DotGO, and how we are a company just like the one above who seeks to grow your business through building and optimising your website for the search engines. But we won’t. We don’t want to blow our own trumpet right in your face.

Finding The Real Deal

If you need a website built for your business, make sure you find a company to build your website who focus on the following things, and is happy to talk about them with you:


Search engine optimisation. Crucial. Your website is only worth having if people find it.

Make sure whoever builds your website has a strong focus on getting your website as high as possible up the search engines. Ask them how they will do this for you. They will either have a strong response, with action points, or they will shiver and squirm.

Ideally, your website designer of choice will discuss what exactly it is you want to be found for, what phrases your customers may use to search for a business like yours, and sprinkle these into the content of your site.

Understanding And Growing Your Business

Do they really give a flaming expletive about your business as a whole? Do they want to help take you to the next level? Do they want to take the time to get to know your business well and communicate your products or services effectively?

Will it be designed to attract new customers and gain new leads?

Your website is pointless unless it helps your business to grow.

Make sure your trusted website builder always has this in mind…before you start to trust them with your online presence.

Responsive Design

This is a fancy term for websites looking great on all devices. You want a company who ensures your website is responsive – so it will look great on anything from a tiny mobile phone to a giant cinema screen. Not that many people browse on cinema screens…yet.

Always By The Phone

No one wants to call their website designer more than once to make a point.

Make sure you have a company full of happy people who are always by the phone, ready and willing to give you time and help you out.

Gives You The Keys, and Shows You How To Use Them

No one wants a website built for them, only to need to call or email and wait and hope and pray that the company who built it for you will get around to making the changes, and correctly.

After your website has been built, you should be given full control, so that you can access your website and make the changes you want as time passes. Luckily we do that at DotGO. And you are given a full personal tutorial over the phone, so you actually know how to make changes easily, whenever you want.

Strong Testimonials

This one is obvious. Do they have a good track record? Have they delivered for someone else what they promise to deliver for you? Check out their testimonials – they should be readily available on their website.

Taking The Leap

With all this in mind,  maybe you can have your website built by someone else, as long as they meet the above criteria. As long as they have a foundation of wanting to help you grow your business, and not just building you any old website.

If you go with the right group of people to support your business and build you a brilliant website, then you will be free from that online cave that some business owners can get trapped in, and you can step into a new realm of expansion.