A Website To Grow Your Business, In Just Over A Week

In 10 Days You Could Have A Professional Website That Will Grow Your Business

“Everyone wants a great business website, but no one wants to go through the pain to get it.”

Do you recognise the above quote? Me neither. It’s not famous. Or true. In fact it’s just made up.

Having a brilliant website should actually be painless. It should be seamless. It should be easy and smooth and enjoyable and…you get the idea.

Building a website yourself can be time-consuming or even painful when you don’t have the eye for it. That’s why we also offer to build it for you, with our friendly web design experts and professional content writers.

This article will clarify exactly what our beloved “We Build It” customers experience when they decide they would like us to build their business website for them. Hopefully after reading, you will know exactly what to expect…

4 Steps To Website Greatness

Depending on your schedule and availability, steps one and two can happen over just a few days. Steps three and four can be just as quick, depending on when you can talk with us…

1. Consultation

First you will speak to one of our in-house designers, so that we can understand exactly what your business does, what you want to accomplish, and how you want your website to impact your business.

We get a really strong feel for your brand during this consultation, and understand how you want your business presented to the public.

The main points of discussion are:

  • What you want to get found for on Google.
  • The pages you would like to see on your website.
  • Glowing testimonials we can add.
  • Contact forms to attract your new customers.
  • Colour schemes that are appealing to you.
  • Competition in your area.
  • Other websites you like the look of.
  • Whether you want to include a blog.

We secure your perfect domain name from what’s available on the market, to ensure your likelihood of being found by searchers on the web. If you already have a domain name, we make sure it is moved across to our servers for your new website.

We will also discuss the kind of images you wish to use. If you have quality pictures of your own business, these are great. If not, or as a supplement, we offer up to £120 worth of high quality stock images for your website, all included as part of our service.

We discuss a review date for later down the line, where you can make sure you are completely happy with your website. Discussing this date early means we have a deadline to work towards, and you have a time where you know your website will be finished. Depending on our workload, this is usually around 10 days later.

Soon we have a brilliant design template personalised for your business, and from there we begin to add more details, as long as you are happy.

The initial consultations tend to last between 40-60mins

2. Interview With Writer

This is optional, and can happen within a few days of your design consultation. Some people like to write their own content for their pages, and leave it to us to maybe do a bit of search engine optimisation tweaking for Google-friendliness.

For others, writing is a struggle, or just something that consumes too many hours. For these small business owners, we have professional writers that can write your content for you…

The interview with the writer will dive deeper into your business, your everyday practices, your motivations and your business values. The writer works closely with you and the designer to make sure all of your goals for the website can be achieved, and all necessary keywords and search terms are included in the writing.

You end up with attractive, well-written content that is inserted into a beautiful website design to attract new customers.

This conversation with the writer can last anywhere from twenty minutes to an hour, depending on the amount of services you provide as a business, and the size of your website.

3. Review Process.

Once the content is inserted into your website, you have ample time to review it all and make sure you are happy with it. It’s your website, after all.

If there are any words or images you want changed, just let us know and we will change them asap. You are always free to say if you want anything else added or taken away, and adjustments can always be made.

We’re all ears. Not literally.

4. The Handover

It’s all well and good having a great website to draw in more customers, but what if you want to change something later on? What if you have more pictures to add, or a special offer you want to advertise? We have you covered. Once you are fully happy with your new website, we give you a personal over-the-phone instructions to show you how to log in to your web builder to make any changes you desire. We have a series of instructional videos and articles which are easy to follow if you ever need to make any changes on our simple web editor.

If you have gone for a full business website with us, we give you an in-depth tutorial showing you exactly how you can make any changes you might want. We’ll show you everything from adding a few words here or there, to adding an entire image gallery to one of your pages. And we make it simple.

If you ever have any issues making any changes to your own website, we are always by the phone and ready to help you out.

A Brand New Business Website

Depending on how busy you are, we can have a brand new website built for your business in just over a week. Sometimes people are so busy that it can take weeks to go through the review process, but that’s fine with us. Speed and quality are always our goals to build you a great website as soon as possible, but we adjust to every customer depending on their own schedules.

We guarantee you will love your new website. If not, you will get your money back!

To take the next step and book a website design consultation with us, simply click here…