Selling Isn’t A Dirty Word. Selling Is Serving!

How Do You Feel About Selling?

“Learn to sell. In your business you’re always selling: to your prospects, investors and employees. To be the best salesperson put yourself in the shoes to whom you’re selling.

Don’t sell your product. Solve their problems.”

– Mark Cuban

Of course selling and marketing are crucial parts of any business. You need a way to deliver your great product or service to people – to make them aware of it and allow them to obtain it. Selling is the vehicle for that, and so is your website.

But some people are not comfortable with selling, even with the idea of it, perhaps because of having bad experiences with salespeople in the past. They might have a preconceived, negative idea of what it means to sell to someone else…

The Selling Misconception

Sometimes it can seem that “selling” is the shortened version of “get people’s money at any cost”. It can seem the only things salespeople want is your money, regardless of whether what you are buying will truly benefit you.

We can exist in a world where we are constantly being sold to, treated primarily as consumers, and when subjected to any amount of poor sales tactics, it is easy for people to become wary of the word “selling”.

Selling, for some, has become a word associated with trickery and exploitation. We can sometimes have an image of what a typical salesperson is – sleezy, selfish, secretive, who will do and say anything to get the sale, regardless of the product or service.

But thankfully, like so many things, there are different ways of selling. If your life experience has shaped you to believe that salespeople are in any way unpleasant, and that selling is some kind of dirty word, then lets look at it from a different angle…

One Job. Different People…

Imagine you needed plumbing work done for the first time. The first plumber did a terrible job, leaving you needing even more work done. The second plumber was the same. The third plumber was even worse. These three plumbers are the only experience you have had with plumbing work. It’s easy to then assume that plumbers, and plumbing, is just a terrible business. You don’t like plumbers, plumbing, and you certainly would never want to be one, because all plumbing is just a nuisance.

Then a fourth plumber arrives, who actually charges you a fair price and does a fantastic job, meaning that you are left in a far better position that ever before. You are happy to pay for it because the plumber seems honest, and the work that has been done is of the finest quality. Perhaps your idea of plumbing starts to shift to become more positive.

The Forgotten Benefits Of Being Sold To

We have been sold many things in our life. From clothes, to cars, to houses, to food – being sold things has often benefitted us dramatically. It is only when we meet that unpleasant salesperson, or feel we’ve been duped, that the idea of selling becomes a dirty one.

“They just want my money and nothing else.” Sometimes that is true. Sometimes, however, someone selling wants both the exchange of money, and to give you something that will improve your life. When an obsession creeps in about just one side of the exchange, then things start to become warped. If someone is obsessed with getting the money, not giving a monkey’s about the person they are selling to and how the product will affect them, two things can happen

  1. Their sales ability will decrease
  2. They will likely be setting themselves up for a fall later down the line

If another person hates getting money and only wants to give value, then perhaps one thing will happen:

  1. They will not be able to run a business, so will have to spend their time in another line of work so that they can pay their bills…which ultimately means that they can GIVE LESS, because their time and energy is being spent elsewhere.

The Fair Exchange

In our culture, everyone needs and uses money, whether we like it or not. If you have a product or a service that can benefit people, the idea of selling can become one of serving.

A famous American billionaire named Mark Cuban (who has appeared on the TV show ‘Shark Tank’), has said:

“Selling is never about convincing. It is always about helping.”

Selling to someone should mean that you are serving them. You are helping to solve their problem or make their life better in some way. Perhaps you are making their life easier, more convenient, more enjoyable, more pleasant, more efficient, or perhaps you are providing tools or developing skills that allow people to make their life how they want it to be. And if you don’t sell to them, how can they get it?

In return for the benefit they receive, they pay you, and they should be happy to. With that payment you can ensure that you have the time and resources to expand your business and help even more people, while taking care of you and your nearest and dearest at the same time.

The exchange works well.

Keep The Serving In Selling

If you have an attitude of serving people through your business, you put a vital piece of life back into your actions. You once again have a stronger foundation that is more likely to benefit you and others, because you are looking to help. And that’s what a good business does – help.

When the idea of service is removed from selling, it makes selling less effective, less enjoyable, and it makes the whole thing feel more empty. It can be a bit like pulling the plug out of the socket. You might lose your power.

Selling is serving. Once you realise this, and put it into practice, selling in your business becomes so much easier, and far more effective.

When you bring the idea of serving into all of your marketing efforts, it will also make your business website that much more appealing to your customers.