The DotGO Team – Jen – Website Designer

Get To Know DotGO

As part of our Get To Know DotGO series, we introduce you to Jen, one of our digital designers.


Jen builds beautiful custom websites for clients that are optimised to rank well on the search engines. She also builds templates for people to easily build their own websites using DotGO.

What’s Great About Working At DotGO?

The friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Jen loves to take on challenges and work hard for clients, and loves that she can do this within a calm and people-friendly workspace. She enjoys the company of the people she works alongside, and loves to connect and communicate with clients of DotGO, learn about their businesses and build beautiful websites for them to do well.

The Learning Experience

Jen also loves the fact that the learning never ends at DotGO. There are always new ways to push the design system and get the most out of the design process. There’s always more to learn about new developments in search engine optimisation and how build the best possible websites to look beautiful, attract new customers rank highly on search engines.


Favourite Thing About The DotGO Website Builder

The ease of use. At first the system might look quite basic and simple, but the more familiar you become with it, the more you can discover its depths, play with it and push the system to create new and great results. Jen loves how much potential the DotGO website builder has, and she loves to push the boundaries to create innovative features for anyone using the websites she builds.

Are There Many Challenges?

Jen always enjoys a challenge, and finds that the nature of her work in designing custom websites always involves an element of problem solving and testing out new ideas. She loves to be pushed, to need to think outside the box and solve problems for her clients so that they can have the best websites possible. Whether it’s building interactive maps for a business website, creating a new website from scratch, or completely re-vamping a website built over ten years ago, Jen takes everything head on, throwing herself into every task that arises.

Favourite Website Built so far

Jen loves all the websites she builds for people. “Loose Covers” comes to mind as a great one, because of the scale of the website, it’s beauty, and the amount of innovation and energy that went into it working alongside fellow designer, John. She also admires the work they do.

“London Theatre Reviews” also stands out in recent times, because it was a heavily blog-based website, which served as a different experience to the more routine (but still enjoyable) product and service related websites.


Jen draws inspiration from her experiences travelling to different countries and experiencing different cultures and landscapes. She also enjoys the English countryside, and likes to create artwork in her spare time.

She’s also inspired by the idea of pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, and discovering new features and capabilities within her work.


What Does The Future Hold?

Jen looks forward to continuing to learn more and being challenged to build new websites in the future. She loves the idea of building websites for unique, unexpected business in unusual niches, so that she can put all of her skills into practice, and develop new ones along the way.