Is It Possible For A Website To Look Too Good?

Can A Website Be Too Magnificent For Your Customers?

Is it possible for your business website to look too good? Too polished? Too slick? Too posh?

Perhaps it depends on how slick and posh you already are.

The need for a great looking business website is obvious these days. You want potential customers to visit your site, feel at ease, absorb a sense of quality, and then merrily use your business for whatever they want or need.

Is it possible for someone to visit your website and think:

“Oh. This looks a bit up-market. They’re probably too expensive. I think I’ll look elsewhere.”

It might be possible, but it’s probably rare. As long as your website is in keeping with your business, then that’s all that matters.

Let’s Use An Example…

If you own a scrapyard, but have the website presentation of a five-star restaurant (minus the pictures of food, of course), then something won’t sit right with your visitors. Something will feel off. If you have a clean and clear layout that looks modern and fresh, however – this will work well. Take this example of a scrap yard who we recently built a website for:

South Manchester Salvage

A business website from DotGO.

The website is clearly laid out, with a simple colour scheme and images to match. You can get a feel for what the business does, without it seeming as if the business is trying to glam itself up.

Everyone likes quality, no matter what they are paying. If your website oozes quality, there’s nothing wrong with that. If it oozes expensiveness, however, that might signal something else – that perhaps you charge high rates.

Can I Avoid Alienating My Lower Paying Customers?

If you wish to avoid looking too expensive, avoid:

  • Offering expensive services or products upfront. You might scare people off.
  • If you are a tradesman – images of you only working in fancy, expensive houses.
  • Showing yourself only using expensive looking kit.
  • Using stock images that misrepresent the scale of your business. If you install floodlights for residential properties, don’t have a picture of Buckingham Palace. Or any palace.
  • Fancy fonts. You know the ones. Or you’ll know them when you see them.

Of course you will also want to avoid looking too cheap, depending on who you are serving. But it’s not difficult to make a website look cheap – just use terrible images, a poor layout and barely readable fonts!

Let’s use an example of a website we built for a client that reflects the quality work of the business owner, but does not want to look exclusive for only high-paying clients and no one else:

Tony Fowler Plastering

A business website from DotGO.

The layout is clear, the website is informative, there are some good images of Tony’s work, and the website reflects the reliable service he provides. He can serve the most premium properties in his area, and yet does not close himself off from the more regular residential properties.

Another example of a website we had the pleasure of building:

Embroidery By Design

A business website from DotGO.

This embroidery business produces wonderful pieces of varying prices. Large orders and small orders for anyone. Their website reflects this. The use of language reflects this. A quality feel that does not draw lines between who they will and will not serve.

Authenticity is always key. Your website should always reflect your business and your price range.

For The High-End Businesses

Of course if you do have a business that charges relatively expensive rates, and you only want to appeal to the higher-paying segment of your market, then there are ways to present your website to do just that.

Feel free to contact us at any time, and we can show you how we would build you a website that tailors specifically to your business needs, to draw in the clients you wish to attract.