How To Use Social Media To Build Your Business

Building Your Business On Social Networks

If you are looking to grow your business using online methods, social media is a great opportunity to reach more people and increase your brand awareness.

This article will cover some ways that you can draw attention and begin to promote your business, for free.

Documenting Your Business


Photos are a great way to show yourself at work, so that people can see directly into your business and begin to trust you. You can let people get to know you by looking at what you are doing, and once people get to know you, it is far easier for them to become comfortable using your product or service.

Make sure you add some text with your photo to explain what is happening. Perhaps you are painting a wall, planting a seed or walking a dog. Whatever your business is, photograph yourself or your business at work, and share what you are up to.


Videos are an extension of photos, where you can show what is going on within your business. If people can see into the inner workings of the business and see what is going on, it creates a sense of transparency that people can trust.

You can “go live” on Facebook or Instagram, or you can record on your phone and then upload to your social media page afterwards.

Written Word

You can even use social media platforms as opportunities to blog or micro-blog. Twitter doesn’t allow much text, Instagram allows a fair amount, and Facebook allows large amounts of text. You can write to share what is going on in your business, or provide value to people who might want to follow you. You can offer tips, tricks and advice to people who are interested in your niche. If you can provide value from the outset, this will make people want to keep following you.

Interaction Is Key

Social media platforms provide an alternative to traditional networking clubs. You can contact people directly, comment on their own content and get your business seen by people who might want to use your services.

While you need to create a social media account that looks good and is user-friendly, you need a way for people to actually see it. Networking is a great way to do this…


Facebook is great for communities. It is likely that if you are a local business, there are communities on Facebook that are local to you. Type in your town or village into the Facebook search bar, and join the community.

From there, begin to offer value to others who might be asking for anything related to your field, and share your business with the community. You can offer discounts on first-time visits or offer advice on anything related to your business. Be careful not to “spam” any page with too frequent posts. Keep it friendly, look to serve the community, and people can use your services.

If you have a certain product you are selling, search for groups or communities that are within your niche. If you are selling shoes, you could join fashion groups or fan pages. If you are selling health foods, you can join health groups or fan pages for healthy eating. Once you join, interact with people, offer value wherever you can, and begin to build relationships in the comments of each related post.


If you are new to Twitter or Instagram, it is good to know what hashtags are. Beyond hashtags and sharing quality content relating to your business, you can begin to interact and build relationships on Twitter.

Twitter allows you to search its users and their content. If you type in “shoes” into the Twitter search bar, you can see pages related to shoes, and people who are talking about shoes. From there, you can follow other pages, comment on  and retweet other people’s posts.

Retweeting with your own comment is a great way to get your voice heard and give your spin on other people’s posts. It gets your name out there and demonstrates you have value to offer people.

The tools for retweeting, liking and replying to posts are beneath each post. Retweeting looks like arrows, “liking” looks like a heart, and “replying” looks like a speech mark. Give it a try, start to test it out, and start to speak with people related to your business niche.


Instagram is highly visual, based on images with text in each caption. Yet, a great deal happens in the comments and direct messages. Instagram also has a search bar that allows you to search for people, places or hashtags, or top posts.

If you search for your local area or a term related to your business, you will begin to find pages and people who would be interested in your services. You can directly message people and offer them a way to start using your services, or you can comment on people’s post and offer any advice you can so that you can begin to become known within your niche.

For more on Instagram networking, take a look at this video from social media expert Gary Vaynerchuk:

I hope this article can help you get started on social media to grow your business. Please leave a comment below if you have any questions.