How To Use Images On Your Blog

Using Blog Images

If you aren’t sure about the use of imagery on your blog posts, hopefully this article can shed some light.

Every blog post can be benefited from one image at the top of the article, with more amongst the article if they are necessary to illustrate points in a tutorial or break up large amounts of text.


Using relevant images on your blog post is a great way to make your article more reader-friendly. An image can evoke emotions and feelings that are relevant to your blog post and strengthen the engagement with whoever is reading.

A good image can really enhance a blog post, while a poorly chosen one can put someone off.

Using Your Own Images

If the article is related to any kind of work you do, taking a picture yourself at work is a great way to align your business with your blog, and show people more about who you are and how you work.

Your own images act as further evidence of your skills and knowledge, and show your business is built on that foundation. These kinds of personal images give your business more transparency, more of a face, and allow people to trust you more easily to use your services.

Using Stock Images

There is an art to using the right stock images for your blog posts. If you can, choose an image relevant to your article that looks unique and fresh.

Flickr is a good place to start searching for images, but be sure to filter your search for “No known copyright restrictions” so that you are not knowingly infringing copyright.

Type in “stock images” in Google and you will see the most popular platforms that provide free stock images to use, such as Pexels, iStock Photo or Unsplash. There are also paid alternatives such as Adobe Stock that people use who are searching for a wide range of premium, high resolution imagery. To start off with, the free platforms should provide you with all you need.

Images add another layer to your post, and make it easier for someone to settle in to reading. Make sure they match the topic or the underlying theme of your blog post, and keep the image looking as natural and easy on the eye as possible.

If you need to ask us any questions about using images on your blog, just comment below and we will get back to you. Or read our Blogging FAQs page here.