How To Get Your Website Found On Google

Good SEO Practices

To get your website found on Google, you need good SEO practices. This article will explain to you the basics of SEO, and everything you need to know to get started.

What Is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimisation. It is the practice of making your website as search engine-friendly as possible, so that it can be found sooner by people using a search engine such as Google.

SEO can involve many different aspects. The basics of SEO include:


“Keywords” are search terms that people interested in your page might be typing in to Google. Keywords for an MOT centre in Bath might be “MOT Bath”, “car garage Bath”, or “Bath car servicing”.

Keywords are search terms that you want your website to be found for. Ideally you want to see Google connect these search terms with your website, so if someone types the keywords into Google, your website will show as a result.

Keywords should be included in your web pages. For more on using keywords correctly, look out for the next blog post.

Quality Content

If your website is rich in quality content, it is seen as a better website by Google, and is more likely to do well on the search engines.

If you have a website about sports clothing, and you have many pages and blog posts all about different kinds of sportswear, then your website will be given weight in the Google search.

A website rich in content within your niche is an indicator that it is going to be valuable to the user, and Google will reward you for this.

Internal Links

Linking to other pages on your website is good SEO practice. It is like preparing everything to a high finish within your hotel – making the beds, polishing the cutlery, preparing the food etc. When people come to visit, it is a great and high-quality experience.

It is helpful to link to other pages using keywords. For example, if I was talking about websites for UK businesses, then the underlined text would be linked to DotGO’s home page.

While internal links are great for making your “hotel” a great place to stay, you need to draw people in. To do this for your website, you need good inbound links…

Inbound Links

A very valuable SEO practice is to gain quality inbound links. These are links from other websites linking directly to your own website. The higher the quality of the website linking to you, the better it is for your SEO.

If I have a website all about sports clothing, and happen to link to my website, then this will work wonders for my Google rankings. Receiving links from popular websites within your niche is very important.

Good inbound links indicate to Google that you have a great business website that will be valuable for people, so Google will send you further up the ranks to get your website seen.

How do you gain quality inbound links? More on this coming soon.

External Links

These are links to other websites from your own. Use them wisely. If you ever link to other sites, make sure they are valuable and very high quality.

It is good for your website to be seen as a valuable resource of information that is looking to provide value to people, but if you link too much to other sites, you can begin to weaken your site’s influence in the eyes of a search engines. Link to other quality sites sparingly!


Google can measure how long people stay on your website. If people stay on your website, click through to more pages and spend time on your website, this shows that your website is a valuable place to be, and it will reward you in the search rankings.


Similar to click-throughs, when people comment, “like”, or engage with your website in any way, this also shows Google that your website is worthy of views. The more engagement you get, the better your website will do.

Promote engagement by asking questions, leaving space for people to respond or add their thoughts in the comments. Use custom forms to ask questions or carry out surveys. Give people a chance to engage and become a part of your website.

All of these aspects of SEO help to put your website higher up the Google rankings, and will also increase the quality of experience for the user. If you can begin to implement some of the steps mentioned above, then you will be well on your way to building a website that’s easy to find online.

Anything You Would Like To See

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