How To Build Your Email List To Grow Your Business

Building A Newsletter Email List

Once we learn that building an email list is important for our business, how do we get started? How can we build an email list honestly, full of people who are keen to hear more from us? This article should give you some ideas to get started.

Offer A Free Gift

“Sign up to my newsletter” is not as attractive as “Sign up to my newsletter and get my free eBook on quick and easy home cooking”. While it’s important to mention that you will be sending people emails as part of your newsletter, a free gift is a great way to draw in attention and provide value from the beginning of your relationship. An eBook does not have to be technical – it can just be a PDF file with valuable content contained within it for your readers.

Offer A Discount Code On Sign Up

If people sign up to your newsletter list, allowing them to access a discount code not only means that you will have more people encouraged to join your mailing list, but also that you might see a boost in sales from your subscribers

Offer A Value In Your Emails

If people sign up to your newsletter, what can they expect? What will they get out of it? What would make someone actually want to type in their email address? What can you give them? Weekly advice? Regular guidance? Explaining what you will provide in your emails along with the benefits is a way to show people it is worth signing up.

Start A Competition Or Giveaway

A competition or free prize draw is a great way to entice people into joining your newsletter list. Perhaps you can offer a free service or product as a prize, or perhaps a gift voucher to draw people in.

“Join The Club”

Forming an exclusive club for members is a great way to build a community on your email list. Let people know what they can expect as part of the club – exclusive content, advice or discounts from your business that can stand to benefit them.

Make Sure You Have Permission!

The days of “get a free gift by entering your email address here” are gone. These days it is important that on sign up, you let people know that they are signing up for you to store their email address, and that you will send them emails. Having a checkbox for people to consent to this is ideal practice.

Offer Value

The main thing to consider is the importance of offering value for anyone who subscribes to your email list on your website. Give people a reason to subscribe, and deliver the value that you promised. This shows you are worthy of trust, an expert in your field, and presents yourself as a valuable person to do business with.

If you still need some ideas to get started with a newsletter, click here for inspiration.