How To Attract New Customers Using The New Custom Form Builder

Build Client Relationships. Create Leads With Ease.

After months of building, checking, testing and re-checking, we are excited to announce a new feature to the DotGO website building software: The Custom Form Builder.

Customise For Your Customers

A standard contact form is a useful way for your customers to get in touch about services they need or products they require. With the new custom form builder, you can take personal relationships with customers to a new level.

The new custom form builder means that you can decide exactly what you want your form to do. You decide what it will say and where it will say it. You only have to build a form once using easy drag and drop tools, and then it is saved to your system, ready to insert into any page you like.

Freedom For Your Business

The new custom form builder gives you freedom, and a fresh way for your website users to interact with your site. You can collect information on anything from where to send a free sample or where give a free quote, to collecting testimonials and reviews. You can build mailing list sign ups, view picture or image uploads from happy customers and even offer opinion polls on what your customers would like to see next from you.

Friendly Interaction

Rather than needing to collect any personal information from your website visitors, these forms can also be friendly interactive segments where people can vote for things or just share their ideas without having to hand over any of their personal details.

Regardless of what kind of business you are in, these forms can be customised to make your website a friendly, interesting and valuable place to be for your clients.

Pop-Ups For Seamless Engagement

The fact that the custom form can also be a pop-up makes the website experience for your customers even easier. Your website visitors can simply click a button or a link, and the form pops up rather than taking them to another page. This means the flow of the page is maintained, and people are free to continue reading once their form has been submitted.

The custom form builder has been designed to make your life easier as a business owner, to attract more clients, and to make the experience of your potential customers easier and more enjoyable too.

It is all part of DotGO’s aim to help small UK businesses grow and succeed, by giving your clients a great and user-friendly experience that they can trust and become familiar with.